What to Expect

Before, During, and After your Photo Session.

We specialize in creating personalized luxury photos that target your ideal clients. There's a lot that goes into the entire photoshoot & video experience with SexyLuxStudio.

We ensure all your questions are fully answered and that you are entirely prepared for your shoot, including your wardrobe and the posing during the shoot.

You should hire the best photographer for your specific needs and business goals, and although I can shoot many styles, I'm NOT the right photographer for everyone today.

SexyLuxStudio may NOT good for you today:

If you're targeting average clients.

If you want a quick shoot with no pre-planning or wardrobe styling.

If you're not planning to market yourself like a VIP businesswoman.

If you don't want a luxury-glamourous style photoshoot.

If you don't have a defined consistent business brand image.

If you're not willing to follow my booking & pre-shoot planning steps.

SexyLuxStudio is Perfect for You today If:

You want to reach your income potential, or

You want to grow your business' success.

You want only high-quality luxury clients.

You don't want to stress planning your shoot.

You don't want to worry about what to wear.

You want luxurious images for your business.

You value pro glamourous wardrobe styling.

You value professional fashion hair & make-up.

You agree to follow our pre-shoot process.

What to Expect Before Your Shoot:

We'll start your pre-shoot planning steps by you filling out our Pre-Shoot Questionnaire.

There you'll answer questions about your business goals, your target clients, and what you want to achieve or change with your photos about your business, plus more.

Your detailed replies will help us personalize your photoshoot, make sure we meet your expectations, and not leave anything to luck or the last minute.

Please click on the button below to be taken to the questionnaire.

After filling out the Pre-Shoot Questionnaire,

Would you please complete the remaining pre-shoot planning steps so that we can order your outfits and set your shoot date?

Important: Only book your flights/hotels or make any other final reservations after giving you your earliest shoot date.

(at step 7 in the pre-shoot planning)

That's when we'll have the arrive-by-date of all your wardrobe pieces and accessories, and we'll be able to set your final shoot date.

I've created each step to help you know what to expect at every stage. That way, your shoot day will go as planned and be stress-free.

You can go to the Pre-Shoot Planning Steps by clicking on the button below.

After you have completed the Pre-Shoot Planning Steps, we continue below.

What to Expect a Few Days Before Your Shoot:

The makeup artist will contact you to go over any last details you need to know to be ready for your shoot day and confirm the team's start time and location.

The stylist will email you our pre-shoot checklist with details of what not to do and what to do on your shoot day.

(Such as not using perfumes or scented body location, not using self-tanning locations, or removing the tags - unless you are purchasing the outfits).

I'll also contact you to make sure everything is clear and cover any remaining questions before your shoot day.

What to Expect On the Day of Your Shoot:

Hair and Make-up Artist Arrives

My highly experienced makeup artist will meet you 2 hours before the shoot start time at your coordinated location and time to glam you up!

They use top-quality, waterproof, all-day long-lasting make-up for high-definition digital photoshoots.

Remember that photoshoot makeup is not the same as everyday makeup, and it may look heavy if you are not used to having it done, but trust that your face will look flawless with the studio lights after the photos are edited.

If you're not sure about anything with your make-up, please ask them before they leave.

Resist the urge to touch up your makeup. It's made for digital photography and retouching.
The Wardrobe Stylist and I will Arrive:

We'll arrive with your outfits, accessories, props, photo equipment, and more.

We'll Set the Stage

Before we start your photo session, I'll remove any distracting items from the background while the stylist preps your outfits and accessories.

She'll also set up the props and decór, and we'll confirm that the setting and background look glamourous for your photoshoot.
Light's, Camera, Pose!

I'll position the photography lights and shoot a few test shots of you to confirm everything looks perfect.

The Stylist and I will begin by guiding you slowly through your poses, and we'll show you how to make small adjustments to your pose, such as turning your shoulder in one direction and your face to the other and lifting your chin.

I like to shoot slowly and see every pose before I capture it. That way, I'm sure I have captured perfect flattering poses of you.

When I see a pose that looks fabulous on you, I'll shoot several photos of that same pose while varying a few details, such as your hands and your facial expression, before moving on to another pose.

Not until I'm certain we have captured several excellent photo poses of an outfit will we move on to the next outfit.

That way, I am confident that I have captured many alluring angles and have the very best of you to choose from when it's time for me to make your editing selections.

We'll spend about an hour shooting per outfit, with the first look going a bit slower as you relax and we warm up to your best angles.

If you need to take a break between looks, that's totally ok. We can stop for you to rest or have a snack to keep up your energy.

Remember, I can edit your body, but I can't edit your facial expression or your pose.

Once we finished all your outfits from your photo package, we will be ALL DONE, Yay!

Congratulations! Your Shoot is over!

You can now relax or go out to celebrate especially since you are all glammed up. If you don't wash your face, your flawless makeup will last over 12 hours.
What to Expect After Your Shoot is Completed:

Raw Photos Files

I always shoot in Raw File format. It's actually not a photo you can see but a type of file that allows you to capture the most details and information from a pro digital camera.

Each raw file is big and can not be viewed without a photo program since they first need to be processed and developed into a photo file such as a jpg.

Raw files are never ready straight out of the camera since they need some final adjustments to be made by the photographer and then processed into photo files such as a jpg.

After downloading all the Raw files from your shoot to one of my iMac computers, I'll open all your raw files in LightRoom.

I'll make some general light and shadow adjustments to take advantage of my camera's sensor to bring out more details.

My first review of your photos is to eliminate all the bad shots, such as with your eyes closed or shots of poses that didn't work well.

I'll then start over and review all your photos again twice, but I'll mark my favorite and strongest photos of you for your business this time.

Next, I'll process these favorite selections into jpg files that I'll send later to you. Finally, you'll receive an email link to download your unedited images after receiving your edited photos.

Now your great photos will become amazing!

I'll now review all my favorite images, but this time I'll start marking my top favorites. There'll be several similar photos of each pose with small differences, but I'll select photos that would look amazing all over from top to bottom once edited.

From these top favorites of photos, I'll narrow them down even more to the best of the best photos.

I'll also check that all the selected photos would give the viewer more variety once edited.

The Raw files selections now get processed into tiff files, and I open photoshop and begin retouching your photos.

I work on every image one at a time with the top editing techniques that would take too long to describe here.

I usually spend at least 1-hour editing each photo. So, in total, it's a minimum of three full days of work reviewing and editing your photos.

Edited selections

When making the selections for editing, I also see how all the edited images will look together. Only the photos that will stop your clients in their tracks and make them want to call you do edit. In photography, less is more, and you only want to show your very best.

Email the edited images to you

Fourteen days after your shoot, you'll receive your editing images via email. I send them to you in full-screen resolution. So, no matter which computer monitor size your client has, your edited photos will look mind-blowing. Of course, the best way to see your pictures is on a computer screen, but I make sure they also look wonderful on the phone.

Need your edited photos sooner?

Upgrade to Express Editing

To receive your edited photos in as little as 3 business days after your shoot day.

Emerald Express Editing: $150

Ruby Express Editing: $250

Diamond Express Editing: $500

Need a watermark on your edited photos?

I can add your watermark to protect your photos from being copied or stolen. If you don't have a logo, I can create a simple one for you.

Would you like more edited photos?

Sure, just send me the original photo numbers.

Extra edits are $30 each.