My Wardrobe Photo Stylist 

Do you want your business to be good, or do you want it to be a great successful business?

What new business choices are you willing to make to get to the next level?

In today's online world, you only have a few seconds to stand out from your competition and capture your target client's attention before they click away.
If you want exceptional business results, you need new business investments.

Your images should be luxuriously glamourous and well planned out so that they establish:

Who Are You, - ( your lifestyle)
What Do You Do, - ( your services)
Who Are You For, - ( your ideal client)
When you book an All-Inclusive package with SexyLuxStudio, our wardrobe photo stylist and marketing services are included.

You get all of her professional styling skills and personalized business support and attention.

However, my photo stylist does much more than just set up your outfits for your photoshoot.

She's a key ally for your business success!

She designs and personalizes your photos to connect with your target clients.

Read below all the ways my Photo Stylist helps you with your photoshoot and your business.

She Saves You Time

You avoid the stress and time spent shopping store to store and trying to find what to wear for your shoot or wondering if everything works well together. That leaves more time for you to do other things you love to do.

She Saves You Money

Time is money. You won't have to worry about wasting money on poorly styled photos that attract the wrong clients. Instead, you get to have the best images for you done right.

Plus, you're still in control. She'll send you a mood board of each look for you to approve. - see a sample mood board below.

She Gives You More Options

She has access to a wide range of fashions and accessories, giving you more styling options you may not have considered.

She Dresses You For Your Body Type

She'll create perfectly balanced outfits by recommending clothes, fabrics, textures, and patterns that both fit and flatter your body type. She'll maximize your best assets, emphasizing what you love about your shape and cleverly disguising what you don't.

She Plans for Your Success

She carefully plans each of your themes to show a cohesive variety of your business persona that your ideal client will find irresistible.

She Gives You Peace of Mind & Confidence

You'll know that all your outfits are personalized to look fabulous on you with themes that resonate only with your target clients and not the wrong clients.
She Defines Your Target Audience

Through your replies and feedback from the questionnaire, she'll help you narrow down and stay on target with your ideal client and what's important to them.

She Builds Up Your Business Persona

She helps you with brands and lifestyles that best represent your business persona in a way that your target clients identify with.

She's Your Business Marketing Specialist

She researches your ideal client's lifestyle and what's important to them and recommends themes that will catch their attention and leave them wanting more.

She makes your photoshoot run effectively

She plans out your complete photoshoot schedule so that everything runs smoothly on the shoot day.

She pampers you on your photoshoot day.

You are the star of the day, and she'll help you get in and out of your outfits. Plus, she's there to motivate and cheer you on.
Start with our Pre-Shoot Questionnaire.

After you complete our Pre-Shoot Questionnaire and Measurements form, she'll gather details about your business persona, including your target client, brands you identify with, themes you like, your body shape, colors, lifestyle, and more.

She then researches your target client's lifestyle and studies what's important to them and their hobbies.

She then determines which current fashion trends and colors will resonate with their lifestyle and work for your body type for a photoshoot.

Your detailed replies allow her to build your


A mood board is a complete personalized photoshoot wardrobe guide. It shows how the photo project comes together. It's a collage of all the pieces that make up your theme for each look.

See below to see actual mood boards.

They will be sent to you for your review before your final themes are set and ordered.

Click on photos to see more mood boards and their results.

Posing Guidance

It's common to feel stiff and have just a few poses and expressions in your repertory during the photoshoot. The posing guidance helps you relax and show your best angles in your photos.

It's all about the details and her passion for helping you look your best and be a success!

Are You Ready to connect with your ideal client?

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