Personal Photo Styling

A well-defined style is essential for establishing your personal and business brand identity. Together with your goals and objectives, a personal photo stylist develops a consistent marketing message for your target audience. In today's fast-paced and highly competitive world, you need to stand out from the plethora of images, and you only have a few moments to capture your audience attention.


What an Personal Photo Stylist Does for You

Convenience and peace of mind.

Avoid the stress of shopping and finding what to wear for your shoots.

Have appropriate photoshoot outfits that fit and complement your theme perfectly.

Have all your outfits and accessories planned and ready for you when you arrive.

A personal photo stylist's job begins with an initial consultation with you to better define the theme and details of your project. After your measurements are gather the stylist creates a mood board for each look. A mood board shows how the photo project comes together. It's a collage of ideas that can include photos, designs or illustrations, outfits, color palettes, textures, nail colors, props, accessories, and background setting of the photoshoot. See below an example of a mood board.

Each look has a fashion designer's piece which gives your images that extra luxury touch. Styling is not only selecting the clothes you like for the photoshoot. It's also identifying the right image you want to project to grow your business and have the wardrobe that connects with the theme.

A stylist's tasks include the following:

  • Shop for all the outfits and accessories
  • Shop for props
  • Steam fabrics
  • Sets up the scene and add the props before your shoot
  • Adjusts props as necessary during the shoot
  • Cleans surfaces as needed
  • Adjust tags and labels from props
  • Makes sure everything looks beautiful in the camera
  • Mood board photo layout with all items for your approval before anything is finalized

Finding your Theme

Do you have a special celebrity or a famous blogger that inspires you in the way she looks and presents herself on social media? We can plan your photoshoot with that specific theme in mind. A great rule of thumb is to research celebrities or brands with which you feel your brand voice most likely aligns with your style.

Ideal Background Location

Together with the photographer, the stylist plans out your locations. That way, each of your outfits themes will complement the surroundings.

Your Image Brand by Color

After identifying who's your audience and selecting the theme of your photo shoot, the color palette of each look is vital to make your shoot cohesive and connect with your audience extraordinarily.

Photo Props: Why they are Important

Props create and strengthen the theme's concept, and in general, enhance the image by showing more of your character's personality. Relevant props strengthen your brand image and help you identify with your target audience. For example, flowers, shells, and driftwood add authenticity to a nature scene. Fruits, drinks, gadgets, and books also help you create a natural movement during a video shoot.

Posing Guidance

It's common to feel stiff and have just a few poses and expressions in your repertory during the photoshoot. The posing guidance helps you to relax and show your best angles in your photos.

It's all about the details.

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