Personal Wardrobe Styling What to Expect

Wardrobe Styling for a photoshoot is usually quite different from wardrobe styling for your daily life or even what you would wear at a party or social event.

Because your private life is not the same as your business life, your photoshoot outfits should not be the same either.

Every detail in a photo (accessories, props, background) add-up to say who you are, who your business is for, and what's important to you in just a blink of an eye.

That's about how much time you have to stand out from your competition and establish your visual brand.

It's what you want your audience to stay thinking about you from your photos.

When you hire a wardrobe stylist, she can access a wide range of fashions and accessories that work perfectly for your body and target audience-taking out the guesswork and stress of hunting for your outfits.

A professional wardrobe stylist researches and works out all the details matching your outfits and accessories to your intended target audience.

That's why a professional wardrobe stylist's work is essential for a successful business photoshoot and helps to make your shoot more fun and easy.

What are the steps included in a Wardrobe Stylist Package?

Step 1:

She will start by first asking you to complete the body measurements form.

Step 2:

Then, she'll review your Pre-Shoot Questionnaire replies and your sample photos to develop the photoshoot themes for each of your looks. She'll study what themes would work best for your target clients and for you.

Step 3:

Only then will she have enough information to begin building your personalizing mood board.

She will coordinate with the photographer (me), she will handle all the planning and details of your shoot, so you won't have to spend time shopping for your outfits and accessories or wondering if everything works well together.

A MOOD BOARD is a file that shows every outfit with its accessories, location, hair and makeup, nail shape and color, suggested inspirational poses, and shoot day schedule.

It's also the complete styling shoot plan so that everything runs smoothly and stress-free on your shoot day.

example of a vision mood board below

Step 4:

After you approve the mood board, the stylist will start gathering all the items for each of your looks.

She'll need 3-4 weeks minimum to gather everything after you approve your vision mood board.

Step 5:

Now that all your outfits, accessories, and all items have arrived, your shoot date can be set, and any other reservations can be made, but only after confirming with the photographer. (me)

Also included in styling packages:

- Posing images inspiration for each outfit

- Props recommendations for the photoshoot theme

- Photoshoot outfit preparation – steaming each piece and organizing accessories

- Onset during your shoot to dress you & style you.

- Cheer you on to keep your energy up.

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