Personal Photo Styling Packages

Every detail in an image conveys information about who you are, what you all about, and what you stand for. All these details make up your brand. Your brand is the way you present yourself to the world. It's what you want your audience to perceive and think about you.

The images you use in your ads as well as your website, are the building blocks to your brand, and one significant part of your brand is your wardrobe and props.

A Personal Photo Stylist is an essential professional that helps you clearly define the direction of your business brand by selecting the proper outfits and accessories for each look.

After your business consultation, and together with the photographer, the stylist begins developing your shoot's outfits. She selects your clothes specifically for your shoot and provides styling tips to ensure your wardrobe conveys the intended messages and supports of your brand.

Styling for a photoshoot is different than styling for your daily outfits or even for outfits that you would wear for a party or wedding.

As when styling a celebrity, your wardrobe should be signature pieces that complement your brand and not what you would typically wear in your regular life. The options are limitless. A stylist can help you express whatever many styles from sensual, daring, shocking, to bold.

Outfits and props are chosen accordingly to the theme and location, what you want to project and accomplish with your photos. Read more about Photo Styling here.

What to Expect when you hire a Personal Photo Stylist

Email consultation to discuss the style and outfit ideas & answer questions
Personalized Pinterest styling mood board for reference
Nail shape and color palette suggestions
Posing images inspiration for each outfit
Props selection for the photoshoot theme
Photoshoot outfit prep – steam each piece and accessories organized neatly in bags for each look.
On set to prep your outfits, dress, and style you.
I cheer you on and keep you looking great.

Give yourself the ultimate fashion experience and guarantee an incredible looking photos.

Emerald Styling Package

Three outfits plus accessories
Total investment: $600
Deposit: $400

Ruby Styling Package

Five outfits plus accessories
Total investment: $900
Deposit: $700

Diamond VIP Styling Package 

Eight outfits plus accessories 
Total investment: $1600 
Deposit: $1000    

 *two weeks minimum reservation before your photoshoot.

Additional Styling Services

Designer Statement Shoes

$250 each pair

Fashion Shoes 

$150 each pair                                    

Beach: Bohemian Chic - designer bag, picnic basket, wine bottle, wine glasses, cushions, blanket, lux water bottle, book or magazine, straw hat, fruits  $250   

Hotel: Champagne, candles, designer agenda, flowers in a vase $250

Hotel Lux Bedding Set: $250

Hotel Flat-lay beauty Tray - designer makeup and perfume: $ 250                   

Flat Lay is a powerful visual tool for marketing yourself online. It works as a magical visual strategy that demonstrates a lifestyle and places your audience in your persona's world. A Flat Lay gives a glimpse into what it's like to "be you," or even better, what it's like to be with you. Transporting your audience into your world, even just for a second, can make you instantly more appealing and approachable.