Booking & Pre-Shoot Steps

Thank you for being interested in setting up a photoshoot with SexyLuxStudio!

We are happy and excited to help you grow your luxury business with new and improved ad photos.

Our mission is to elevate your online business brand presence with exceptional personalized styled photos & videos that will attract top-quality clients.

Our easy booking and pre-shoot steps are designed to help us personalize your amazing photoshoot.

Need more details on what to expect? Click below:

Remember to Only book your flights/hotels or make any other reservations after we have given you your earliest shoot date. (see step 7 below) Or after confirming with us a future shoot date.

STEP 1: Choose Package & Send Deposit

If you are ready to book, choose which photo package fits your needs. Click here to select your photoshoot package, and pay the deposit to set your tentative shoot date. (in three weeks minimum)

STEP 2: Pre-Shoot Questionnaire

Please fill out the Pre-Shoot Questionnaire here to learn more about what's important to you and your business for this photoshoot.

STEP 3: Sample Photos

Please email me a few sample photos (no more than 4-8 in total) from my site that show what you would like for your shoot. It's best to specify if it's the theme, outfit, location, pose, that you like about each photo.

STEP 4: Complete Body Measurements Form (skip if styling yourself)

Please complete the Body Measurements Form by clicking here. You will need a soft measuring tape ( also called a tailor's tape).

If you do not have a soft measuring tape, you can buy one at Target, Walmart, or Amazon. For your clothes to fit correctly, please be honest and as accurate as possible about your body measurements.

STEP 5: Set Shoot Themes & Location, Mood Board Built, and sent for your approval.

The stylist and I will recommend your ideal shoot location(s) depending on the themes you sent from the sample photos and your questionnaire replies.

She will now have all the information she needs to research fashion trends that suit your shoot's themes and build your mood board. She'll have it ready in 5 business days and will send it to you for your review.

She'll also include recommended optional add-ons such as designer shoes & bags, room styling decór, personalized flat lays, and more.

A mood board shows every outfit with accessories, location, hair and makeup, nail shape and color, suggested inspirational poses, and shoot day schedule.

STEP 6: You Approve the Mood Board

You'll confirm the outfits for each look and any add-on services.
The stylist will begin to gather and order all your items for each photo look.

STEP 7: Items are Ordered, and the Earliest Shoot Date is set.

We'll have your earliest shoot date, usually 3-5 business days after you approve the mood board.

Only now, when we give you the earliest shoot date, can you book your flights/hotel and make other reservations and arrangements.

After confirming your schedule, your shoot date will be reserved and confirmed.

Please Do Not book hotels or make any other reservations until we give you this earliest shoot date. We want to confirm that we have everything ready for your shoot on time.

STEP 8: Pre-Shoot Check List

You'll receive a checklist of do's and don't and preparations to have for your shoot day to run as smoothly as possible.

Thank you for completing your pre-shoot planning steps!

See you at the Shoot!

Photoshoots are scheduled Monday through Thursday (except on holidays and local events days) to avoid rowdy tourists, crowds, traffic, and hotel rooms being full.

(Weekend, holidays, and Special Events days shoots have an additional booking fee.)

Outside Day Shoots are best for flattering sunlight and cooler temperatures early in the morning since every outdoor location are relatively empty from sunrise through about 10 am.

Inside shoots are scheduled in the afternoons after your hotel check-in.

If we are shooting both inside and outside, I'll photograph the exterior looks first in the morning and then the inside.

I highly recommend avoiding weekends, holidays, and weeks when there are special events.

Express Booking after wardrobe approval is available with an additional fee.

Payment Terms: A deposit is required to reserve a tentative shoot date and book a photoshoot session package. The deposit is non-refundable. Photo Shoot must be completed within 60 days of deposit payment, or the deposit with be forfeited unless prior written arrangements via email have been made and agreed upon by both the Photographer and the Client. The deposit amount applies only to the original selected package. Packages may be upgraded if prior scheduling arrangements are made pending availability. Packages cannot be downgraded after the deposit has been paid. Once the photoshoot date is set, rescheduling can be requested once and must be arranged via email with the Photographer at least 14 days prior scheduled shoot date not to forfeit the deposit. A canceled/postponed photoshoot within 13 days of the shoot date will forfeit the deposit.