Should you Shave or Should you Wax

Today's digital professional cameras capture every detail of your

smile, body, and curves in high resolution, and if your feminine body parts are not well-groomed from your head to your toes and everything in between, it will be noticeable in the photos.

Yes, this can be edited in photoshop, but why give your photographer extra retouching work on something you should have taken care of before the shoot? So, after you have selected the sexy lingerie and the hot bikinis for your next photoshoot, don't skip over your bikini area.

Now the question is should you shave or should you wax.

Shaving Tips

Start by trimming your pubic hair with scissors or a bikini trimmer.

Trim everywhere but avoid your lady parts and leave the hair less than 1 inch long. If you are happy with your hair after trimming, and if this is the look you are going for in your photos, you do not need to do anything more or shave anything. This is all up to you and your personal choice.
Before you shave, soak in the hot shower for 10 minutes or in a warm bath before moving to the shaving.
Lather up with soap or shaving cream, use a clean, sharp blade, and shave with the grain the first time.

Do not shave the same spot more than a few times to avoid irritation.

Dr. Julie Harper

Clinical associate professor of dermatology at the University of Alabama-Birmingham and a spokeswoman for Philips says you can avoid irritation by following these tips:

“Treat razor burn and ingrown hairs by gently exfoliating the affected area with a washcloth in the shower, and avoid shaving -- until the redness and irritation have subsided.”

“Resist the urge to perform DIY surgery on razor bumps and ingrown hairs. The bump could get infected and you might be left with an ugly scar. You can try gently lifting ingrown hairs with a toothpick, but don’t use anything too sharp. If the hair doesn’t lift easily, stop, and if the area is tender or hot to the touch, see your doctor.”

To avoid irritation, don't work out or wear tight clothing immediately after shaving. This also includes having sex. Skin can be extra-sensitive to bacteria, moisture, and chafing from your workout clothes.”

For these reasons, shave the day before your beach bikini shoot, not the day of.

Waxing Tips

Many women prefer the longer-lasting results and choose to get a bikini wax. As with many things in life, waxing does get better the more you do it.

Your hairs will start to grow less thick and hurt less when waxed often, and your skin will stay smoother longer as long as you get waxed regularly.

Stop shaving for about 5 days or more.

Before waxing, your hair needs to be about 1/4 of an inch long or the size of a grain of rice. The wax needs something to grab onto, so you need to have some hair down there for it to work best.

Traditional/Standard Bikini Wax

A traditional bikini wax focuses on the front and sides. It removes the hairs that would be visible in a swimsuit. Most of the time, you can leave your underwear on during a standard/traditional bikini wax.

Brazilian Wax

A Brazilian wax removes more hair than a traditional bikini.
The Brazilian wax removes the hair from the front, sides, back, and everything in between, often leaving only a strip of hair in the front or none at all.
For a Brazilian wax, you won't wear panties. Yes, you will be completely exposed. Remember that your waxer is a licensed professional, and this is what she does all day, several times a day.
She will not judge you. Her focus is on doing her job and leaving you smooth.

A Brazilian wax will leave your skin smoother for a bikini and a lingerie photoshoot. 

After your wax.

Wear cotton loose panties, no thongs, and nothing tight especially tight jeans.

Skin can be extra-sensitive to bacteria, moisture, and chafing from your workout clothes.

Do not do anything that will involve rubbing or sweating on the day you get waxed. Yes, this includes having sex and having a beach photoshoot.

Buy Ingrown Hair Serum

Apply it twice a day to keep your skin smooth and prevent ingrown hairs or to treat them if you already have them.  

Get your Bikini wax at least 24 hours before your hot beach photoshoot.

Don't take hot showers or baths for several hours after removing hair. Water that's too hot can irritate pores, causing unwanted bumps and discomfort. 

My wife says waxing down there really doesn't hurt as much as you think it will.

Your waxer will put hot wax on you, which actually feels great, she says. It's warm and soothing. When she rips it off, it does hurt (it stings), but that pain only lasts a few seconds. 

The more you go, the less it hurts. She told me that the root stops growing as you go more often, and there isn't as much hair to pull out. So don't worry about it and start waxing! 

SLIXA's & Its Service Professional Directory

Let's talk about your advertisement platform needs.

Tired of not getting your ad approved and getting the run-around?

Tired of horrible and inconsistent customer service that takes days to get back to you?

Tired of paying a lot on your ads and not getting your money's worth?

If you are not already on Slixa, it's time to take another look at Slixa as a platform for your advertising.

Started in 2012, Slixa has continued to distinguish itself for its high customer service standard.

Why choose Slixa:

They have real people that will answer your phone call and that are ready to help you resolve your issues and get your ad up right away.

Basic ads start at $1-$3 a day and go up from there depending on upgrades.

They don't have any minimum time commitments for your ad. So, you can create, delete, pause, resume ads as you wish, and they are only charged for the time your ad is live.

They also work on the credit system, which has discounts pre-built in so you can reduce your per credit cost by as much as 20% when purchasing bulk credit packages.

Slixa invests highly in SEO so that search results are in top positions in almost all of their markets with over 5 million views per month.

Slixa and *all* of its components are based in the EU. Their offices, people, and servers are all outside the United States to keep your data secure and private.

Want to stay up to date on information for your market? They have an excellent blog with many topics and issues adult workers face.

What about their Photo Policy?

It's pretty straight forward:
Slixa doesn't allow images with sex toys, a focus on genital areas (clothed or nude), simulated sexual activity, etc...

You can learn more about their publishing standards here:

Plus, if your photo is not approved, they will tell you exactly why, no guessing or jumping through hoops.

ALL NEW:  new is that Slixa has introduced the first of its kind Service Professionals Directory.

"From personal assistants to tax professionals, to web design and development – every business needs support! At long last, we've developed an exclusive platform that highlights industry-friendly services and gives them their very own Slixa profile in which to showcase their unique offerings!"
"The Slixa Service Professionals Directory is unlike anything we've made available before (or for that matter, even seen anywhere else!), and it will be exactly the jump-off that providers need to connect with reputable photographers, web designers, and more."

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Take Your Business to the Next Level in 2022

It's 2022! -the start of a new year with more challenges, Covid-19, and inflation to deal with.

This post is about old behaviors you need to stop doing to take your business to the next level in 2022.

If you are a well-established businesswoman who is doing ok or are stuck in a rut and want more income in 2022.

This information is for you:

Now, Imagine raising your rates and charging more for your time in 2022.

Imagine starting to make the amount of money you deserve with top clients.

Last year you said Next Year,

Well, It's the next year now

Below are 5 behaviors you will need to leave behind and stop doing to reach the next level with your business in 2022.

But first, a few statistics so that you know what you are up against.

500 Million tweets are sent each day.

And, tweets with images get 150% more retweets than tweets with text only.

95 million photos are uploaded every day to Instagram.

That's over 1000 photos every second!

So, regardless of who you are trying to target with your photos,

there's a lot of competition everywhere online.


Stop doing everything about your business the same as before, and expect your business to improve in 2022.

Instead, to take your business to the next level in 2022, you may need to totally rebrand it with updated, well-planed photos and a sophisticated website.

If your photos, ads, and branding are not getting you the income you want from your business, don't expect anything to change by simply continuing to do everything the same.

And, don't expect to stand out from your competition just by luck in 2022 especially now that there's more competition.

Let's remember what Albert Einstein said,

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."


Stop trying to copy your competition.

Instead, be inspired by an A-list celebrity that you admire.

What works for your competition might not work for you, plus, copying another businesswoman makes you one more and not unique or exclusive.

Become more of one-of-a-kind, so you can not be easily substituted or replaced by your competition.

Avoid the below photo elements or themes that are excessively overused.

red roses and petals, candles, bubble bath themes, very long nails with designs, very long hair extensions, French manicure, everyday-looking outfits, nude photos, or photos without any production or styling

To find your own identity, start with something about your body that you are proud of and build on a style inspired by an A-list celebrity you admire.

Work with a Personal Photo- Stylist to help you put together your outfits and build your brand. 


Stop expecting that small business changes will give you big business results. 

Instead, to achieve significant changes in 2022, you will need to go all the way. And make substantial updates of your photos, styling, marketing, and advertising of your business.   

Don't take baby steps waste your new photos and waste your chance of establishing the perfect first impressions.

For example, you decided to shoot with a better photographer, 

You still want to shoot photos that are very similar in style to the ones you have done in the past because you think you are not ready to make big changes. 

Or, you post beautiful and more elegant photos from a recent shoot, but you also keep old typical unmemorable images. 

You can't market yourself as Prada if some of your photos still say Payless.

Invest completely in improving your business branding with unforgettable photos that show consistent luxury themes.


Stop selecting your outfits and themes according to your personal taste. 

Instead, select your outfits and themes to reflect the lifestyle of the clients you are targeting, including their age, income, and interests. 

Stop choosing your outfits for your business, 

similar to what you would like to wear for your personal life.

Keep your personal and professional lifestyles separate.

You may have a certain way you like your makeup, hair, and outfits, But step out of your comfort zone.

Outfits that you would wear for your friend's birthday party or a wedding are not appropriate for a luxury business photoshoot.

If you want to target wealthy, mature clients that have the lifestyle of yachts, private jets, exotic vacations, fine dining, and designer clothes, your photos have to show that you also would fit in perfectly in that same lifestyle.

Remember, you are a powerful alluring businesswoman, that stands out from the crowd, and your outfits and poses need to be on point, just like an A-list celebrity. 

Your outfits should look well produced, polished, elegant, and sexy, just like from a fashion magazine photoshoot. 


Stop procrastinating and waiting for the right moment to take action.

Instead, think of the business opportunities and money you are losing because your online brand does not connect with your ideal clients. 

Stop waiting until you think you are totally ready. No one is ever totally ready. You have to upgrade and update your changes now and stop losing your best clients to your competition.

Stop waiting to lose a few pounds or get in better shape. 

5-10 pounds do not make a difference in the photos because of the posing, lighting, and outfits. 

Stop treating your business as a side gig. 

If you don't take your business seriously, don't expect your clients to do so either. 

Stop waiting to grow your hair longer. 

Embrace it and have a more modern hairstyle 

Stop waiting to find better outfits, accessories, and props. 

Leave everything in the hands of a photo fashion stylist instead. 

Stop waiting to fit into that old dress that no longer fits you. 

That old dress might not even be the best outfit for your new branding. 

Stop waiting to have plastic surgery. 

It's more important to have confident, sexy expressions. 

Stop waiting to have more time. 

If it's important to you, you will make the time. 

Stop waiting to have more money. 

If it's important to you, you will find the money. 

Stop waiting to be in a better situation in your life. 

Think of how much better your life would be if you were making more money now.

Stop letting other things come up in your life that push your business goals to the side. 

Instead, make a list and schedule what you need to do to take your business to the next level in 2022.

Take your first step now toward elevating your business and raising your rates in 2022.

Contact me today to schedule your business consultation and start planning out your shoot. 

Use this Celebrity Secret to always look fabulous on your next photo shoot

How is it that celebrities always look fabulous in their photoshoots and music videos?

What's their secret?

All Celebrities hire a wardrobe and photoshoot Stylist to keep their eye-catching and draw attention to the song or photoshoot theme.

How does a stylist make all the difference?

In a celebrity photo shoot, the stylist selects the right clothes and accessories and transforms the photographer's vision (according to the client's needs) into reality.

If the theme is a romantic encounter in a hotel room, the stylist also can add a vase of flowers and candles to a table, arrange flutes, and a bottle of champagne to the photoshoot. 

If the client wants to be a Victoria's Secret's Angel, the stylist can arrange all the props and outfits to make this vision real. 

If it's a beach photoshoot, the stylist can add elements to the photoshoot scene, such as:

seashells, fresh coconut, beach umbrella, colorful beach towel, picnic basket, books, wine bottles, and more to give that complete feeling of a resort beach environment that the photographer wants to accomplish.

Styling is all about the right details: clothes/accessories and objects. When it comes to finding the perfect outfits for a photoshoot, in particular, you may feel extremely overwhelmed by the task-at-hand. Finding three or more complete outfits that will show off your best features and help YOU look your best behind the camera requires a lot of thought and planning behind the scenes to create a successful photo-shoot wardrobe.

To guarantee this type of success during your next photoshoot, you should definitely hire a professional stylist to take the pressure off of you and to save you time and money.

Below are six reasons why:

1. TO EXPRESS YOURSELF & YOUR IDEAL IMAGE - A stylist will help with the ideal image of yourself and the thoughts inside your mind come to life in your photos. It’s the stylist’s job to pick your brain and to help you and the photographer figure out the best outfit options for your photo-shoot and video based on location, the season, the current on-trend fashions, your personality, and the theme of the shoot. Allow them to help you communicate who you are through your clothes and accessories. Rachel Zoe says it best, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

2. SAVES YOU TIME, ENERGY & MONEY - Contrary to popular belief, a wardrobe stylist can actually save you time, energy, and money. A stylist will save you many hours spent shopping for the wrong styles, energy, and the worst enemy of all – procrastination. You will also be less likely to guess second the outfits you have planned out for your photoshoot with a professional stylist. You will be confident in the outfits your stylist helped you decide on, and you can then put that unnecessary time & energy toward something more important. And possibly one of the most important factors to notice: the cost of hiring a professional wardrobe stylist is well worth the upfront investment because she can provide you with plenty of insight on what styles best suit you. You can then apply this knowledge to your future shopping habits and even re-wear certain pieces that the fashion stylist helped style for your photo-shoot, for many years to come! It’s like the ‘gift’ that keeps on giving.

3. GET THE BEST FASHION ADVICE FROM A PROFESSIONAL WHO KNOWS WHAT SHE’S TALKING ABOUT! A professional wardrobe stylist is trained to work with all body types, personal styles, and ages. Her job is to make YOU feel comfortable and confident behind the camera and in the final images that the photographer produces. A stylish will help enhance your best assets and features in each piece of clothing you wear so that when you get behind the lens of the camera, you will look (and most importantly, FEEL) fabulous from every angle. Although some flowy dresses that you would typically wear to church or a wedding may look amazing in person, when you get behind the camera, those pieces may not look as flattering – no matter what size you are. Maybe your favorite dress is a silhouette that does not look great behind the lens. Because your stylist has many alternative ways to style that particular piece so that the final image turns out to be everything that you could have hoped for and more.

4. EXUDE KILLER CONFIDENCE THAT YOU DIDN’T EVEN KNOW YOU HAD. Once you have met with a professional stylist, you will show up to your photoshoot with the preparation and confidence you didn’t even know existed. If you look amazing and feel fabulous, that confidence will show when you step behind the camera and in your final images. Not to mention, you will have a much more fun, exciting, and all-around enjoyable experience during your photoshoot. Hiring a stylist allows you to be bold and even step outside of your comfort zone. With a stylist’s help, you can show off a different side of yourself that some people may not know, or you can take a chance on that new trend that you’ve been dying to try. Or perhaps you want to showcase your everyday style. Let a stylist help you make that outfit photo-shoot-ready!

5. HELP YOU TO BE CREATIVE TRYING SOMETHING NEW - Always think about having a photo or video shoot dressed like your favorite pop star, but you feel it is tough to find all the elements. To make your dream come true? The stylist can recreate your pop star’s style transforming your photoshoot into an extraordinary one saving you time and money. Have you thought about how it would be fun having a photo/video shoot dressed like Taylor Swift, Shakira, Rihanna, or JLo?

6. GET THE FULL PACKAGE FOR A GUARANTEED FLAWLESS FINISH - You found your professional photographer to provide you with amazing images to last a lifetime. You have a professional hair and makeup artist to get you all glammed up before the shoot. But one major piece of the puzzle is missing … your wardrobe! The outfits that you choose to wear during your photoshoot are just as important as the two previous elements, so it’s best to leave these three factors in a professional’s hands. Hiring a wardrobe stylist only makes YOUR and the photographer’s job easier. With all three pieces of this beautiful puzzle (the photographer, the HMU team, and the wardrobe stylist), your final images from your photoshoot are guaranteed to turn out even more amazing than you imagine in your head. All three elements work together simultaneously to ensure the best possible outcome from your photoshoot.

Versace Mansion - The Villa Casa Casuarina

The Villa was originally built in 1930, and in 1992, it was purchased by the world-famous Italian fashion icon designer Gianni Versace who lived there until he died in 1997.

Versace decored the entire beautiful Villa in various Classic Italian Styles, making it a one-of-a-kind luxury location for photoshoots.

The Versace Mansion has only 10 unique suites, the rooms are categorized by size, and each room is unique. No two rooms are the same, so we have to plan accordingly for your shoot.

Since there is always a high demand for this one-of-a-kind iconic hotel, customer service is not the best, so be prepared to wait past 4 pm for your room to be ready. Come with patience and kindness.

Top on the list is Gianni's, The Villa Suite. Yes, this is his actual bedroom suite where he slept when he lived in Miami Beach in the '90s.

Enter Gianni's The Villa Suite through its unique round foyer, and you are transported to the quarters of the man who made the mansion famous.

With its decadent custom double king-sized bed and mural-covered walls, The Villa Suite features two balconies – one overlooking Ocean Drive.

Gianni's Master Suite is the only one that can be booked and reserved specifically. All other rooms are not guaranteed; your specific room will be assigned when you arrive at check-in.

The other nine mansion suites are sorted into three categories by size:

Each category includes three unique luxurious suites- see details below.




When you book a suite, you book one of the above three categories, not the specific one. Therefore, your specific room will not be reserved or guaranteed at booking. Your specific suite will ONLY be assigned to you when you arrive at check-in.

If you want a specific room, you can arrive early, between 11 am and noon, to request your particular space and then come back between 3:30 pm - and 4 pm at check-in time.

Or, you can have lunch or wait by the iconic Thousand Mosaic Pool. The pool has colorful tiles, including thousands of 24-karat gold tiles.

The largest Suites and best for photoshoots are The Venus Suite, The Signature Suite, and Gianni's Master Suite. However, all the rooms offer unique decadent decor. See the photos below.

As in most hotels, professional photoshoots are only allowed inside the room and not in common areas.

Still, keep it lowkey that you will have a professional shoot, and be kind to all the staff. This is private property, and its rules can change anytime, including not allowing a photoshoot anywhere, even in the rooms. 

During the previous year's wild Miami Beach Spring Break season, guests were not allowed to visit anyone staying in the mansion, and each room was limited to only the two registered adults. This policy is imposed anytime they view the guest as ones that could be a party rowdy group or hip hop styled. So yes, this means they seem to be more strict on minorities.

Also, since there is always a high demand for this one-of-a-kind iconic hotel, customer service is not the best, so be prepared to wait past 4 pm for your room to be ready.

However, if we plan your stay, this luxurious location is one of a kind for photos and your visit.


ONE-BEDROOM SUITES: Signature, Venus, Garden Suite

The Signature Suite

With its custom double queen-sized bed and separate sitting room, The Signature Suite features a balcony overlooking Ocean Drive and the sands of Miami Beach. In addition, the suite offers an oversized double-head shower and double sink, a walk-in closet, and a second balcony off the bedroom.

The Venus Suite

The largest room in The Villa, the spacious Venus Suite, features a separate sitting area and two balconies – one overlooking Ocean Drive and another overlooking The Thousand Mosaic Po—A custom double queen-sized bed. The Italian marble bathroom features an oversized shower with a dual head, double sink, and bidet.

The Garden Suite

With a view of the Mosaic Garden from its private terrace, The Garden Suite overlooks The Thousand Mosaic Pool. With its sitting area and king-sized bed, the suite offers a relaxing haven to luxuriate.

EXCEPTIONAL SUITES: Aviary, Azure, & Mosaic Suite

The Aviary Suite

Step into paradise in The Aviary Suite, where parrots, hummingbirds, and doves decorate the walls, with its private terrace and sitting room. The Aviary Suite epitomizes tranquility and luxury with a king-sized bed and two full-sized beds/sitting alcoves.

The Azure Suite

Awash in rich cream and blue colors, The Azure Suite features a king-sized bed, two full-sized beds/sitting alcoves, and a sitting area and walk-in closet. The Italian marble bathroom offers a bidet and an oversized custom shower.

The Mosaic Suite

Fit for a Material Girl, The Mosaic Suite, with its red and cream interiors, features an Italian mosaic floor and a patio overlooking The Thousand Mosaic Pool. With its king-sized bed and sitting alcove, The Mosaic Suite offers a perfect sanctuary to the pampered traveler.

SUPERIOR SUITES: Empire, Medallion, & Aurora Suite

The Empire Suite

The Empire Suite shares a private foyer with The Villa Suite. With a sitting room and king-sized bed, The Empire Suite returns visitors to the Ottoman Empire with its murals of sultans, soothing honey, and jewel-tone color scheme.

The Medallion Suite

Climb the poolside spiral staircase to The Medallion Suite, with its rotunda overlooking one of the most beautiful mosaics in The Villa. The suite features a sitting alcove, a king-sized bed, and an oversized custom shower with its patio overlooking the mosaic pool.

The Aurora Suite

Overlooking The Thousand Mosaic Pool, The Aurora Suite is bathed in golden light from the ample stained glass windows lining the bedroom and sitting room. Thking-sized four-postered bed topped with swans assures sleep and relaxation fit for royalty.

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Wardrobe Stylist, and Mood Board

Wardrobe Styling for a photoshoot is usually quite different from wardrobe styling for your daily life or even what you would wear at a party or social event.

Because every detail in a photo (accessories, props, background) add-up to say who you are, who your business is for, and what's important to you in just a blink of an eye.

A VISION MOOD BOARD is a file created by my stylist that shows every outfit with its accessories, location, hair and makeup, nail shape and color, suggested inspirational poses, and shoot day schedule.

- It's your personal wardrobe styling plan for your entire photoshoot.

When you hire my wardrobe stylist, she will access a wide range of fashions and accessories that work perfectly for your body and ideal client.

-taking out the guesswork and stress of hunting for your outfits.

A professional wardrobe stylist researches and works out all the details matching your outfits and accessories to your intended target audience.

That's why a professional wardrobe stylist's work is essential for a successful business photoshoot and helps to make your shoot more fun and easy.

Below are the steps you can expect when you hire my stylist for your photoshoot.

Step 1:

She will start by first asking you to complete the body measurements form.

Step 2:
Then, she'll review your Pre-Shoot Questionnaire replies and your sample photos to develop the photoshoot themes for each of your looks. She'll study what themes would work best for your target clients and you.

Step 3:
Only then will she have enough information to begin building your personalizing vision mood board. She will coordinate with the photographer (me), she will handle all the planning and details of your shoot, so you won't have to spend time shopping for your outfits and accessories or wondering if everything works well together.

Step 4:
After you approve the visual mood board, the stylist will start gathering all the items for each of your looks. She'll need 2-3 weeks minimum to gather everything.

Step 5:

Now that all your outfits, accessories, and all items have arrived, your shoot date can be set, and any other reservations can be made, but only after confirming with the photographer. (me)

Also included in the styling package:

- posing images inspiration for each outfit
- props recommendations for the photoshoot them
- photoshoot outfit preparation

- steaming each piece and organizing accessories
- onset during your shoot to dress you & style you
- cheer you on to keep your energy up

Ready to Give yourself the ultimate fashion experience and guarantee an incredible photoshoot?

Click here to select your wardrobe styling package.

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