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5 Things to NOT do before your Glamour Photoshoot (Part 2)

1)Your Own Makeup - You don't think it's worth it.

Professional cameras, lenses, and lights capture more details than you notice in real life. Unfortunately, they also capture more of your blemishes.

So, unless you're a pro makeup artist, don't do your makeup. We want you to have our celebrity-style luxury-glamour results.

My professional makeup artists have extensive experience working with women of all skin tones and of all ages. They will contour your face, and your skin will be photo-ready. 

Remember, you're shooting for your business, and you want to show your very best quality to stand out from your competition.

A Pro Makeup Artist uses accurate colors and a combination of makeup pigments that make your skin glow smoothly under professional lighting. Yes, professional makeup makes all the difference and is worth the investment.

2) Wear Tight Clothes - leggings, jeans, socks, on the day of your shoot.

You want your skin to be as blemish-free as possible for your shoot, and clothing that is not loose-fitting will leave marks on your skin.

Skin marks will be noticeable in high-resolution photos, and the more your body needs to be edited, the harder it will become to leave your skin looking natural.

The best clothes to wear on the day of your shoot is a loose sundress that you can change in and out of.

3) Buy the wrong swimwear for your shoot.

Choose a swimsuit that lays flat on your body like a tight pair of jeans with no excess fabric folding over.
Plus, it should be suitable for your body type with colors and prints that enhance your natural skin color. - my stylist will help you with this.

Solid colors look more sophisticated than busy prints. Remember that the focus is on you, not your bikini.

Tops need to have good support if you need a lift. If your body is not toned, do not choose a string bikini because the strings and thin straps will get lost in your skin. I always recommend choosing Brazilian-Cut swimsuits.

Choose a sexy and elegant bikini. The best brands carry the best quality; they are stylish and modern, sexy, and not wide cut. No full bottom bottoms, please!

4) Buy the wrong lingerie for your body type.

Your lingerie and outfits should be ideal for your body type to balance your look. Not all lingerie styles look great on all body types, and knowing your body type can make all the difference, especially for your glamour photoshoot.

Fashion experts have created 10 categories to give you more precise recommendations when choosing your best lingerie.

Is your body shape?





Short Torso

Long Torso



Small Chest


Read the full article on women's Body Shape to find out and to get recommendations on lingerie for you.

5) Something last minute.

Although we will have a photoshoot schedule, leaving something you need to do for the day of your photo session is not a good idea because you may run out of time.

If you leave something you need to buy or something you still need to do for your shoot, like getting a manicure, picking up flowers, or looking for the last outfit, you can quickly run out of time or not find what you need.

Plus, It will only add stress to your already eventful day and increase the chance that you will not be fully prepared for your shoot.

You want your shoot day to be as stress-free as possible so that you can be relaxed and give your best expressions with the emotions that will resonate with your target clients.

Also, don't plan anything for right after your shoot. You don't want to stress about rushing to end your shoot because you have something to do.

I take my time shooting each of your looks. Photography is an art, and art can not be rushed.
I don't change looks until I'm sure I've captured several poses that, when edited, will look fabulous.

Want to avoid all planning stress and these amateur mistakes?

You won't have to worry about buying or planning anything because our all-inclusive packages do it all for you.

Book us for your need Luxury-Glamour Photoshoot.
See all that's included below:

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5 Things to NOT do before your Glamour Photoshoot (Part 2)

1)Your Own Makeup - You don't think it's worth it. Professional cameras, lenses, and lights capture more details than you notice in real life. Unfortunately, they also capture more of your blemishes. So, unless you're a pro… Read more

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