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Use this Celebrity Secret to always look fabulous on your next photo shoot

How is it that celebrities always look fabulous in their photoshoots and music videos?

What's their secret?

All Celebrities hire a wardrobe and photoshoot Stylist to keep their eye-catching and draw attention to the song or photoshoot theme.

How does a stylist make all the difference?

In a celebrity photo shoot, the stylist selects the right clothes and accessories and transforms the photographer's vision (according to the client's needs) into reality.

If the theme is a romantic encounter in a hotel room, the stylist also can add a vase of flowers and candles to a table, arrange flutes, and a bottle of champagne to the photoshoot. 

If the client wants to be a Victoria's Secret's Angel, the stylist can arrange all the props and outfits to make this vision real. 

If it's a beach photoshoot, the stylist can add elements to the photoshoot scene, such as:

seashells, fresh coconut, beach umbrella, colorful beach towel, picnic basket, books, wine bottles, and more to give that complete feeling of a resort beach environment that the photographer wants to accomplish.

Styling is all about the right details: clothes/accessories and objects. When it comes to finding the perfect outfits for a photoshoot, in particular, you may feel extremely overwhelmed by the task-at-hand. Finding three or more complete outfits that will show off your best features and help YOU look your best behind the camera requires a lot of thought and planning behind the scenes to create a successful photo-shoot wardrobe.

To guarantee this type of success during your next photoshoot, you should definitely hire a professional stylist to take the pressure off of you and to save you time and money.

Below are six reasons why:

1. TO EXPRESS YOURSELF & YOUR IDEAL IMAGE - A stylist will help with the ideal image of yourself and the thoughts inside your mind come to life in your photos. It’s the stylist’s job to pick your brain and to help you and the photographer figure out the best outfit options for your photo-shoot and video based on location, the season, the current on-trend fashions, your personality, and the theme of the shoot. Allow them to help you communicate who you are through your clothes and accessories. Rachel Zoe says it best, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

2. SAVES YOU TIME, ENERGY & MONEY - Contrary to popular belief, a wardrobe stylist can actually save you time, energy, and money. A stylist will save you many hours spent shopping for the wrong styles, energy, and the worst enemy of all – procrastination. You will also be less likely to guess second the outfits you have planned out for your photoshoot with a professional stylist. You will be confident in the outfits your stylist helped you decide on, and you can then put that unnecessary time & energy toward something more important. And possibly one of the most important factors to notice: the cost of hiring a professional wardrobe stylist is well worth the upfront investment because she can provide you with plenty of insight on what styles best suit you. You can then apply this knowledge to your future shopping habits and even re-wear certain pieces that the fashion stylist helped style for your photo-shoot, for many years to come! It’s like the ‘gift’ that keeps on giving.

3. GET THE BEST FASHION ADVICE FROM A PROFESSIONAL WHO KNOWS WHAT SHE’S TALKING ABOUT! A professional wardrobe stylist is trained to work with all body types, personal styles, and ages. Her job is to make YOU feel comfortable and confident behind the camera and in the final images that the photographer produces. A stylish will help enhance your best assets and features in each piece of clothing you wear so that when you get behind the lens of the camera, you will look (and most importantly, FEEL) fabulous from every angle. Although some flowy dresses that you would typically wear to church or a wedding may look amazing in person, when you get behind the camera, those pieces may not look as flattering – no matter what size you are. Maybe your favorite dress is a silhouette that does not look great behind the lens. Because your stylist has many alternative ways to style that particular piece so that the final image turns out to be everything that you could have hoped for and more.

4. EXUDE KILLER CONFIDENCE THAT YOU DIDN’T EVEN KNOW YOU HAD. Once you have met with a professional stylist, you will show up to your photoshoot with the preparation and confidence you didn’t even know existed. If you look amazing and feel fabulous, that confidence will show when you step behind the camera and in your final images. Not to mention, you will have a much more fun, exciting, and all-around enjoyable experience during your photoshoot. Hiring a stylist allows you to be bold and even step outside of your comfort zone. With a stylist’s help, you can show off a different side of yourself that some people may not know, or you can take a chance on that new trend that you’ve been dying to try. Or perhaps you want to showcase your everyday style. Let a stylist help you make that outfit photo-shoot-ready!

5. HELP YOU TO BE CREATIVE TRYING SOMETHING NEW - Always think about having a photo or video shoot dressed like your favorite pop star, but you feel it is tough to find all the elements. To make your dream come true? The stylist can recreate your pop star’s style transforming your photoshoot into an extraordinary one saving you time and money. Have you thought about how it would be fun having a photo/video shoot dressed like Taylor Swift, Shakira, Rihanna, or JLo?

6. GET THE FULL PACKAGE FOR A GUARANTEED FLAWLESS FINISH - You found your professional photographer to provide you with amazing images to last a lifetime. You have a professional hair and makeup artist to get you all glammed up before the shoot. But one major piece of the puzzle is missing … your wardrobe! The outfits that you choose to wear during your photoshoot are just as important as the two previous elements, so it’s best to leave these three factors in a professional’s hands. Hiring a wardrobe stylist only makes YOUR and the photographer’s job easier. With all three pieces of this beautiful puzzle (the photographer, the HMU team, and the wardrobe stylist), your final images from your photoshoot are guaranteed to turn out even more amazing than you imagine in your head. All three elements work together simultaneously to ensure the best possible outcome from your photoshoot.

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