18 Reasons Why EROS Rejected your Photo/Ad 

As I discover new tips, I will update this post, but keep in mind that nothing posted here should be taken as legal advice or any form of guarantee. Eros determines when and how they apply their advertisement rules.


1: You do not show your face clearly in your photos, and

  • You have not submitted at least one unaltered/unedited photo where your face is clearly visible wearing the same outfit as the outfits submitted for your current ad.
  • Glasses, hats, hair, or partially visible faces are not acceptable to fulfill this new requirement.
  • Submit the unaltered photos through the Eros Upload Document Button only.

2: You have unauthorized text on your photo or ad.

  • Your website or your email address is on your photo or video.
  • Your provider name has xxx or something that implies sex.
  • The wording in your ad implies you are selling sex or sexual acts.
  • Small Photographer's Logo is still ok. ( allowed by copyright laws).

3: You have Implied Bottomless in your photos.

  • It looks like you are not wearing anything below the waist in your photo.
  • You are not wearing any panties even if nothing is showing.
  • You are removing your panties, or they are not up all the way.
  • You have a coat or robe on, and it looks like you could be nude underneath it.
  • You have not made it clear that you are wearing panties or something below your waist in your photo.

4: Your panties or bottom are sheer, semi-transparent, or thin fabric.

  • Your pubic area is not entirely covered, even if nothing is showing.
  • Your skin or pubic hairs are showing through your panties/bottoms.
  • Yes, this disqualifies almost all lingerie panties.

5: Your panties/bikini bottom is too small and or too narrow.

  • Your entire crotch and pubic area are not covered even if nothing is showing.
  • Your groin is showing on the side of the panties/bottom.

6: You have thin Bikini/Panty Side Straps.

  • You are wearing a g-string.
  • You are wearing a thong.
  • You are wearing a string bikini.
  • Mainly only your bottom straps show, and they are narrower than 1 inch.

7: Your butt crack area is showing or almost showing.

  • Your inner part of your crotch area is showing in your photo.
  • It looks like you can see in between your legs, even if it's just a shadow.

8: You have a camel toe -even it isn't an actual camel toe.

  • Your fabric is not flat, and the shadow looks like it could be a camel toe.
  • Your panties/bottom outline your mons pubis.

9: Your Crotch area is showing with panties even if covered.

  • The main focus of your photos is your pubic area, even if completely covered.
  • Your legs are wide opened and facing the camera even if nothing is showing.

  • Your legs are open from the back, and your crotch area can be seen even if completely covered.

10: Your photo is of a Fetish Theme.

  • Your photos show a fetish that is sexual or could be sexual.

11: Your photo has an illegal theme.

  • Your photo shows a fantasy theme that implies you are under 18 years of age.
  • You use words that suggest you are under 18 years old or that a minor would use.
  • Your photo shows or implies something illegal, including drugs or unlawful activity.
  • Your photo depicts a sexual act, actual or implied.

12: You are touching yourself.

  • Your photo shows you with your hands between your legs.
  • You are playing with your boobs or pulling on your nipples.

13: You are using or showing a Sex Toy in your photo.

  • You have a sex toy in your photo, even if it's in the back.
  • You have other adult toys in your photos, such as whips and paddles.
  • You are holding something that is a penis shape in your photo.

14: You show Pain, Torture, or any form of Violence in your photo.

  • Your facial expression shows pain, violence, or aggression, actual or acting.

15: Your photo shows an S&M or humiliation act real or fantasy.

  • Your photo shows or implies violence of any kind, actual or simulated.
  • Your photo displays domination, humiliation, or adult role-playing.

16: You have altered/Photoshopped your photo to cover the problem area.

  • The unapproved parts of your photos have been blurred or photoshopped to try to cover them.
  • Don't try to fix the photo. Eros can tell if the image has been edited.

17: You submitted photos of a rejected outfit.

  • You are submitting a photo with the same outfit that was already rejected but Eros, even if it's an approved pose.
  • Don't risk having the outfit block if the panties do not cover you up adequately.

18: Eros has rejected your photos/ad have many times.

  • The more often Eros rejects your ad, the harder it is to have your ad/photos approved.

  • If you change your photos on an approved ad, Eros will look at your photos/ad more closely.
  • If you are not sure that your photo or ad will not be approved, don't submit it.


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6)Try to do your own makeup because you don't think a pro makeup artist is worth it

This is a professional glamour photoshoot, and you should look polished and not how you typically look every day. Yes, professional makeup makes all the difference and is worth the investment. High-definition photography and strobe lights will capture more of your beauty and flaws, so you need to have your makeup done professionally. Some women believe that natural makeup is the way to go since they do not want to have much makeup in their photos. To achieve a beautiful natural make-up look like the ones you see in magazines and all professional sites, you will always need a professional makeup artist. A Pro Makeup Artist uses the right colors and a combination of make-up pigments that glow in a smooth, flattering way. There is no such thing as having a little make-up and achieving a natural look on your own. A natural makeup look involves more advanced steps, which include applying the right makeup that conceals your blemishes and dark spots, contouring and sculpturing your facial features, and thinning out your face as well as warming up your skin tone in the areas needed. Then, a highlighter is added to your cheekbones which brings them out and gives a subtle glow to the face. Eyebrows are filled in and defining, and the lips while making sure the t-zone stays matte for a glowing finish. Remember that photography is not real life. Many things are not noticeable in real life, but they will be apparent in a photograph since you can stare at them forever. Go all the way with a professional Glamour look!

Achieving Professional Photos that look amazing from top to bottom is my passion, but you can't show up unprepared to have great results. A professional photoshoot includes having the right outfits, locations, backgrounds, lighting, makeup, angles, styling, manicure, and many other details than just taking a regular snap photo. Check out my before and after of real women to see my final results.


7) Wear Jeans, tight socks, or any other tight outfits on the day of your shoot

You want your body and skin to be as flawless as possible, and any clothing that is not loose-fitting will leave Marks on your skin that can take over an hour to disappear. These marks will be obvious in high-resolution photos, so please wear loose-fitting clothes to your shoot. Yes, they can be photoshopped out, but the more your skin needs to be edited, the more work it will be and the harder it will become to leave your skin looking natural.


8) Buy a bikini for your shoot that covers up more because you are not feeling 100% confident about your body

Choose a swimsuit that lays flat on your body with No excess fabric wrinkling. The material should lay flat like a tight pair of jeans. It needs to be suitable for your body type. The colors and prints need to enhance your natural skin color. Go for solid colors that look sophisticated. Keep in mind that the focus is on you and not your bikini (unless this is a bikini catalog shoot). Tops need to have good support if you need a natural lift. If your body is not very toned, do not choose a string bikini because the strings and thin straps will cut into your skin. If you plan for a sexy photoshoot for a Victoria’s Secret or Sports Illustrated style, I always recommend choosing Brazilian-Cut swimsuits. This is not the time to wear something conservative, traditional, or something you would wear with your family. Choose a sexy, classy, elegant bikini. The best brands carry the best quality; they are stylish and have a modern, sexy, and not wide cut. No full bottom bottoms, please! This is a sexy glamour shoot and not a family shoot. You are in Miami, where less is more, and if you want your butt to look bigger, wear a tiny cut bottom so that the curve of your bottom is easier to be captured in the photos. Remember that all posted images are edited, and together with my lights and photography, you will look fabulous!


9) Buy/bring the wrong lingerie to your shoot for your body type

You need to know your body type to wear the right lingerie and outfits to best balance your look. Not all lingerie styles look the best on all body types and knowing which kind of lingerie to wear can make all the difference, especially for your glamour photoshoot. Fashion experts today have created 11 categories to give you more precise advice when choosing your best lingerie. Are you an Apple, Pear, Long Torso, Hourglass, Short Torso, Ruler, Carrot, Ballerina, Busty, Small Chest, or a Petite body type woman? Read the full article on women's Body Type here to know what goes with you.


10) Ask your photographer for a Sunset Beach Shoot here in Miami

Remember that the sun rises in the East, and so here in Miami Beach, we have only Sunrise beach shoots but no Sunset beach shoots. The Sun at sunset is behind the Miami downtown buildings, and the lighting on the beach is very melancholy and not colorful. A Sunrise Beach shoot is fantastic because you don't have to worry about it turning dark in the next 15 minutes, but it does mean very early setups if you want to have a Sunrise Beach shoot. We would need to be at the beach ready to shoot by 5:30 am during the summer hours. The best times to shoot at the beach, in general, is early morning or late afternoon when the sunlight's angle is more flattering and the lighting is softer. Remember you will need clear skies and low winds, so please check the Miami Beach weather and with me a few days before your shoot.
What to know more about sexy facial expressions for your shoot? Read my blog on how to achieve a Sexy Facial Expression here.

5 things to never do before a photo-shoot.

1) Go on a Crash-Diet to lose a few quick pounds.

Food is energy, and posing takes energy. If you are not used to posing, you will notice that it does take work to hold glamorous poses, especially while trying to keep a pleasant facial expression. Trying to lose a few quick pounds right before your shoot will only leave you with low energy, hungry, and with a little patience. Plus, and the difference will not be noticeable. One thing that the camera does pick up is your mood. But, I know what you are thinking; if I eat, my belly will show. Know this: I will pose you in positions where your body looks the best, and in combination with the lighting, I can edit your body, but I cannot edit your expression or low energy. You are perfect the way you are now! A photoshoot is not a 10-minute weigh-in that you are in and out of. This is at least a half-day event from start to finish between the hair & makeup and getting ready.

2) Stop drinking water/fluids because you don’t want to be bloated.

Unless you are a professional bodybuilding athlete and will be shooting for a muscle magazine, you should never try to lose water weight before a shoot. Water keeps your body functioning right, and together with proper eating and rests, water helps your skin and face looking fresh. If your shoot is outside or at the beach, the heat here in Miami Beach is overwhelming, especially if you are not used to standing in the sun for a long time. You will feel dizzy and weak if you are poorly hydrated, and it will be more challenging to hold your poses and have a pleasant expression. Plus, you can even faint. I have had it happened to a girl I was shooting. She banged her head when she fainted.

3) You are in South Beach, so hit the clubs and the drinks and stay up all night. The make-up artist will not come till 6:30 am so you have plenty of time to party!

No, no, no! If you read points 1 and 2, you will have already figured out why you need to be well-rested and feel healthy and strong for your photoshoot. If you are shooting at the beach, you will have an impossible time trying to keep your eyes open. This is the number 1 most common challenge with my beach shoot is girls not able to open their eyes at the beach even if it’s in the shade. If you have sensitive eyes, you need to rest even more before your beach/outdoor shoot.

4) Apply a Self-Tanning lotion before your shoot because you look too pale.

Applying Self-tanning cream/lotions on your skin look terrible in digital photos. They leave an orange tone on your skin that looks un-human, and it isn't very easy to correct. Plus, your skin will look plastically because the self-tanning cream/lotion covers the natural skin glow. Also, self-tanning cream/lotion rubs off on your clothes, and anything you touch or lay on –it‘s a big mess! And, your face will not match your body. It’s better to look pale and human than orange (unless you are impersonating Donald Trump). Instead, tan yourself one week before the shoot 3-4 times at the beach or at a tanning spa to achieve a natural tan color, but don’t overdo it and show up with red skin or face! Instead, you do nothing than risk having a sunburn for your shoot. If you are too pale, the best option is to have a professional spray tan, but you must follow their steps and preparations to have good results for a photoshoot.

5) Do not shave/wax or get a fresh manicure and pedicure.

The photoshoot is about you looking the very best and glamorous. This includes some pre-shoot preparations. Yes, have a fresh manicure and pedicure. The camera will pick up that your nails need to be filled in and that you have not shaved in your delicate areas in several days. To look beautiful, it’s all in the details from your head to your toes. When you look at a luxury product, it doesn't have cheap parts. It's well made of the finest products in all details. These details on a woman include being freshly wax or shaved under your underarms, legs, and bikini area. WebMD recommends: “To avoid irritation, don't work out or wear tight clothing immediately after grooming. Skin can be extra-sensitive to bacteria, moisture, and chafing from your workout clothes.” You should shave the day before to help prevent developing a rash.

Now that you have these five tips, you are better prepared for your next photoshoot.


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Are Professional Photos Really Worth the Investment?

For this post, I interviewed web designer/webmaster David Allen from EroticMediaWorks.com. David has over 25 years of industry experience specializing in escort websites and adult model marketing. So, I know he talks from experience.

What's your professional recommendation when it comes to photos on any website?

Get the best photographer you can afford! From all my year's building sites, I can tell you that my job just became much easier when you have excellent photography. It's simple. The better the images are, the better your site can look. I can create the best custom state-of-the-art website in the world, but a bad photo will still look bad no matter how nice a site you have. Although an amateur might take a good snapshot, a professional has additional skills like posing, lighting, and Photoshop to ensure the perfect result. Having great images on your site can make a massive difference to your conversion rate, and ultimately the income your website will generate.

1) It shows you are serious about your business

Nothing says amateur like blurry, poorly lit, bad photos. And who wants to do business with an amateur? Pro Photos show that you are a serious business, and your customers will see the value in what you are charging for your product or service. The top charging escorts always use high-quality photography that complements their websites. Every serious escort business needs a great website, and I would argue that you can't have a great website without great photography.

2) Helps your business stand out

The online market is now highly competitive, not like when I started building websites 25 years ago. In the current digital age, you need any edge you can get. Online potential clients are bombarded with over 5,000 images every day, and the average attention span has dropped down to less than 8 seconds. That's all the time you have to make an impression, and regular photos are just not going to cut it.

Pro Photos stop people in their tracks and capture the attention of your visitors. You want your potential clients to pause and take a closer look. This is why you must choose escort photography specializing in the type of glamour photography you'll like to show on your site. If the photos make you stop and look, it will also make your clients stop and look at you.

3) Defines your Target Clients and sets the mood for them.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, and this is still true and even more crucial when it comes to an escort's site. As an escort, you are selling a fantasy to men, and a man's fantasy starts with what he first sees. Which fantasy do you want to set in your potential client's mind?

High-quality professional luxury images will evoke a feeling of your escort service being exclusive. In contrast, bad/regular photos will evoke a sense of cheap escort service to your potential clients.

The quality of the photos you use will directly reflect the quality of the service your clients will expect to receive and also the amount they are willing to invest in your escort service.

To learn more about ExoticMediaWork, please visit their site and contact David. You can say that you heard from him from Paul from SexyLuxStudio for a 10% discount.