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How to become a Top Companion

Have you noticed that there always seems to be a few top providers in your area that every client wants to book for an encounter? In big market areas, there could be more, but in either case, these few elite companions are booking the majority of the clients and their business. What’s more interesting is that it doesn’t seem to matter which type of girl a client appears to be into. He wants to see these exclusive top providers next and ASAP.

What's so unique about these top providers? So, what does it take to be a first-class companion? What's their secret? The way they market and advertise their companion business. Because there’s a right way, and there’s also the wrong way to brand your provider business.

Let's first cover a few basic marketing terms so that we are all on the same page.

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Marketing - The process of developing, promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service to a target audience.

Advertising - A form of marketing communication used to persuade an audience to buy your product or service. Advertising involves a message you send to a target audience and a medium to convey the message.

Branding - The development and use of symbols like logos to convey the identity of a company, product, or service. Branding is the big picture of your product's or service's identity. It’s how people feel when they think about your service or product. It helps get potential buyers to remain loyal to you. Branding involves collecting things a target audience expects and experiences, combined with the workings of all the brand elements, including fonts, colors, logos, tagline, or brand.

Let’s take a look at the major contributing factors and ways to communicate your brand identity. Logo and Name – Your logo and name are often the first things people see, and they work primarily as a visual representation of your name. “Brand Recognition” usually refers to people recognizing your logo or your company name. Still, brand-building encompasses more than that because, in brand-building, the focus is on what people will think of and how they will feel when they hear or see your name.

Atmosphere – Think of Starbucks; what does it make you think of? Wood-paneled décor, warm yellow lighting, comfy seating, and the cozy smell of coffee, right? What about McDonald's? Bright colors, bright lights, play areas, and a whimsical-looking clown. Consider what you want your clients to think of and experience when deciding on your décor and environment for your encounters.

Advertising, Branding, and Trust

Let’s examine this through the lens of a personal relationship. In the two scenarios below, let’s say that your brand is you; your product is a cup of coffee, and your customer is your friend:

Scenario A: You call up your friend and ask them to come over because you have a cup of coffee you’d like them to purchase. Most likely, your friend will feel you were only interested in making a deal; that you (the brand) don’t really care about them, their feelings, or their experience – because you’re clearly placing your product and profit before your relationship with them. What’s missing here? A genuine brand relationship.

Scenario B: You ask them to come over for a cup of coffee because you want to visit with them, engage in conversation and enjoy some warm and cozy time together. In this instance, you’re making the relationship between you and how your friend will feel when they engage with you more important than the product – and you are experienced as a trusted and genuine person (brand).

The bottom line is to consider the many ways that your brand goes beyond colors, logo design, or a jingle to provide the experience and feeling your consumer is seeking. Once you clearly identify who your ideal customer is and what they need and are specifically looking for, you can pinpoint what your brand should be doing to gain your customer’s trust and deliver what they want. Once you do, your business’ brand can generate loyal followers who will keep coming back for more.

Mass Marketing Strategy vs. Luxury Marketing Strategy.

Mass Marketing Strategy

A mass marketing strategy is just what it sounds like it is. It's is a strategy where you market and advertise your product or service to target everyone possible - the masses. Mass marketing is useful when you want to reach as many people as possible. You want to sell quantity, not necessarily quality. Since this strategy is for when you want to target everyone, it’s used for products and services everyone needs to survive and function in society. The type of products and services you would mass market includes basic foods, housing, necessary clothes, essential hygiene products, electrical services, transportation, cell service, internet, essential tools, etc. Therefore, a mass marketing strategy is good to promote products or services that solve basic needs and real-world problems. Stores marketed for the masses include Walmart and Home Depot, and services include your power company and public transportation. Nothing needs to be fancy, as long as it does the job. What matters most to the consumer is that it works and, most importantly, the price. If your photos are selfies or look amateur, you are attracting your business's mass market.

Marketing to Men vs. Women

Men and women, in general, are not motivated to buy by the same factors. Women are more touchy-feely, and men are more functional and practical. A woman might love a product for its color and cuteness, while a man will like it if it’s durable regardless of the color. Therefore, men tend to be more practical and rational when buying products and services than most women. A man's natural mental process is: what will do the job for the least possible cost? Unless he’s informed through the right marketing, a man doesn't care much about how the product or service will make him feel. He will just look at the best buy for the price – the best bang for his buck. A man values the quality of the product or service and not if it comes in rose-gold.

For example, a businessman takes a few vacation days to Miami Beach, but he forgets to pack his sunglasses for his trip. Solution: he goes to the nearest souvenir shop and buys a pair of sunglasses that fit, look ok, and are cheap. The sunglasses are not what's important to him on his vacation trip. He is only thinking of the one function he needs them for. He just wants something that will block out some of the sun's rays and help him keep his eyes open after the late flight last night while he checks out the women around Ocean Drive and the beach. At the moment, he doesn't care much about the brand. Any brand will do as long as it does the job. His primary deciding factor is their function and price. Don't be the cheap sunglasses provider if you want to make it to the top.

Now, think about your ads and website. Are you marketing your companion service to the masses of men? Sounds like the right thing to do, no? Why not try to target all the men with your ad? However, most men do not care much about which girl he has an encounter with as long as she meets his basic expectations and needs – function and price. He wants to spend the least amount of money possible. Again, he wants the most bang for his buck.

Unfortunately, there are many similar companions in this mass-market provider world with many similar characteristics that offer similar services at similar prices. The competition is fierce, and if you are promoting your business this way, you are in the back seat, or worst, sometimes you are just trying to get in the provider business car.

Luxury Marketing Strategy

Luxury is the state of high comfort and extravagant living. Luxury appeals to and feeds our desires, fantasies, and lust. You don’t need luxury, but you want it. Luxury is subjective, and it appeals to the five senses to deliver incredible emotional benefits. Luxury is highly desirable because they are exclusive, sophisticated, of unique quality, and in good taste. People buy luxury products to feel unique and apart from the crowd, feel superior and privileged, and feel valued and important.

The successful provider has everything to do with luxury. She appeals to the man’s deep desire to break with his daily routine and to provide him with the illusion of happiness, at least for during the encounter.

A luxury provider should provide an experience that is refined aesthetic and conveys sensuality, indulgence with a hint of the extravaganza. In a luxury provider's fantasy world, a man feels sexier, more powerful, and more content than in his daily world. A luxury provider can transform a man’s self-perception and leave him feeling - not ordinary but extraordinary!

So, how do you market yourself as a luxury provider and not just another provider?

To be a luxury companion, you must look and act like a luxury companion. Yes, your looks and personality are critical, but you can create a brand of yourself that is irresistible to all men through proper marketing.

Use these tips to become the companion everyone wants to meet:

Always Post Amazing Ads (marketing & branding)

Remember that your ads are there to persuade your target clients to know more information about you either by calling you or going to your site. The wording in your ads is a work in process, and you need to adjust it depending on what works continuously. Don’t just state a physical description. It would be best to communicate what is different about you and how your client will feel when he is with you. You need to have a balance between not too long and not enough information. Keep track of which ads work, and if it stops getting the same success in a few weeks, you need to try new wording. You must consistently update your profile. An effective ad and site profile should include a professional description of yourself. It should provide insight that speaks directly to your target clients. Share some of your tasteful, appropriate innermost thoughts or feelings without revealing too much. Within the profile, you must also tell your client why he should book you. Whether that’s because you provide individualized attention or special tricks you learned from a courtesan, it really doesn’t matter, as long as it’s something your client will want to experience. Guide his mind away from reality into the fantasy world you will take him to, and let him know how an encounter with you will leaving him feeling. Sensual moments of pleasure are worth paying more: well-being, health, youth, and indulgence.

Men are visual

They need to first fall for you through your photos before they start reading your ad and consider contacting you. So your photos are his first impressions of you. You will need to post not just great images but the right style of photos in both your ad and on your site. Hire a professional photographer that specializes in provider photography, and post only the polished, edited images. As you work on perfecting your ads, be sure to emphasize your shape and personality through the photos you post and include them in your marketing. An experienced photographer will know how to capture your best angles through the proper poses and lighting. The quality and style of the photos play a crucial role in targeting your luxury clients. Ever see a mediocre photo used to advertise a luxury product? A luxury product uses exceptional quality in every detail. The same should apply to you- your brand from your head to your toes. If you want to market yourself as a luxury provider, all of your photos need to be consistent in quality and style. (The photos should not be pornographic – they can show off your figure in other ways.). Men who seek top companions want to feel that you are highly turned on only with them or take a special kind of man to bring out your wild side.

Your photos are only as good as your worst photo.

A man will be impressed by your best photos but will also remember your worst ones. Avoid the tendency to want to post too many images of similar poses unless they have something new to offer visually. Less is more. It’s better to have eight excellent photos than 20 or more with a few images that do not communicate the same level of luxury and sex appeal. Do not post any picture that is not a 10, even if you can’t afford professional photos. Research online about taking better glamour photos that are flattering until you can afford to invest in a professional glamour photoshoot. Learn to utilize simple photo editing software to minimize some of the flaws in your photo. Experiment with different angles that catch your best sides, being ever mindful of concealing your face if you’re not comfortable with revealing your identity. In addition to covering your face, flattering photos can help disguise any less appealing areas such as a small tummy pouch, as long as your overall figure is not deceiving. Your outfits and background location in your photos also need to send the same luxury, exclusive, sensual message. The professional photographer will also guide you on the styling so that it projects the luxury style. You can also hire a stylist so that you don't have to stress over having the right outfits and accessories and so that your shoot is all better planned.

Keep yourself in good physical condition but embrace yourself.

Make exercise and fitness a priority if you do not do so already, and always eat a healthy diet. A healthy diet is a lifestyle. It's not temporary. Most women do not eat enough protein or fiber, and the typical American diet includes too many carbs. Yes, we need carbs for energy, but we also need enough protein and fiber. Part of your good physical condition also includes stamina and endurance. As you grow more fit, your endurance for your clients' activities also increases, which is a win-win for both of you. Some clients prefer a lean woman; others like the muscle look on a woman; others want a woman to be fit and somewhat toned. While other men are totally into the super curvy women, don't try to be what you are not. Be the best you, you can be. It all starts with accepting yourself and loving the body you have. Read more about embracing yourself: To get that shape, work out doing cardio exercises and then focus attention to build your booty. If you’re not a busty provider, don’t worry about it. If you are a curvy woman, embrace that and use your best assets in your favor. Choose some lingeries that fit perfectly for your body type: read more here: Practice elegant, sexy poses in front of the mirror. Search for Ashley Graham on Google images as an example. Remember to market the experience the man will have with your encounter and not just your measurements.

A smile is a universal facial expression that communicates happiness, and men like to be around happy women.

Men want to escape the demand and reality of work to a time of relaxed pleasure. A smile can also signal a sign of confidence or agreement. Although women smile more than men, older women smile less than younger women, so if you want to show your youthful side, remember to smile often, especially when you meet your client. Many providers think they have to be sullen, pouty, and lusty-faced in their photos and person all the time. Clients want to visit with companions who are happy and enjoyable to be around. When you project this through your photos in your marketing, it’s a direct way to allow clients to discover that an encounter spent with you will be a good time. A smile can speak volumes about your personality and is the best addition to your profile information you can have. If your profile teases the potential client about your sense of humor and attraction to fun, your smile guarantees it. If your profile suggests you’re a smart ass, your smile will confirm it. A profile that informs the client you are sweet and kind is validated further with a charming grin. Successful men read lots into the smile you give them; if you don’t show your face in your ad, try showing just your lips.

The companions every client wants to book all have great attitudes.

A predominantly negative companion about everything in her life, including her clients, isn’t going to attract much business, especially when word about her outlook becomes known. Professional Men are drawn to women who are upbeat, happy, and passionate. They want to spend time with a female who embodies youthful inspiration and optimism. Even if this is difficult for you to master, you need to find a way to project this to clients. After all, you are playing a role as a companion. Dig deep within yourself and find your always-optimistic young woman as a way to push yourself to be a happier provider. The “it” companions of the moment are likely one who consistently makes her clients feel like they are her favorites and that she loves spending time with them. To become more popular, you must translate your enthusiasm for clients to a passion for them they understand. Don’t indulge in self-criticism or disparaging comments against yourself. When clients book encounters, they don’t want to spend time building a companion up to feel proud of themselves; they want one who is instantly ready to dole out the attention on them.

Confidence equates with Sexiness.

Confidence is a huge factor in becoming the coveted provider. When a woman is sure of herself, that comes across as a sign to men that she will be great in bed and that she’s someone you want to get to know. Confidence is more important than the size of her breast, or ass, or the narrowness of her waist. Experts always tell people to “fake it until you make it,” and this piece of advice rings true for companions, too. If you’re not entirely sure of yourself or maintain doubts about your clients' abilities, hide them and pretend they don’t exist. Focus on being the best you can be, showcasing your beauty to the max, and providing the most fulfilling experiences for clients possible. If you believe in yourself, clients will, too. It’s a contagious thing that you can control through projecting self-esteem and contentment with yourself. Practice your confident look in front of the mirror, with friends, and on strangers, you meet throughout your normal day until it becomes so natural you do it all of the time.

Give some examples and a few details.

Even though you may focus on your clients, you must tell them you do in your profile so they know this. And, it’s not enough to blatantly say you provide “client-focused” services. You must explain through examples how you cater to your clients and their needs. Demonstrate that you are concerned with pleasing your clients in ways they want. Ensure potential clients that their comfort and pleasure are your priority.

Emphasize to clients that you are willing to go the extra mile to make them happy. Companions who succeed at high levels provide personalized experiences that are far from hum-drum or typical. They veer from the “usual” to make their clients happy through special requests. Tell briefly about your efforts, so other clients know you will go above and beyond for their desires. You will need to provide details about this in your profile and marketing materials for clients to fully understand the extent to which you are willing to go to make them happy. Many providers claim this same approach, but they provide no evidence. Think of an example where you made extra effort to give your client something special he wanted. Maybe you made him a birthday cake and sang to him while you were naked. Or, perhaps you worked out a role-play scenario a client had been fantasizing about.

Listen to your clients.

A provider who is highly sought after by clients listens to them during encounters. Some clients just want a companion who makes them feel important and significant. You can calmly do this by listening to them. (This is much different than only hearing them; listening means interacting and responding appropriately to questions or comments the encourage them to continue to share.) Many men lack someone who really listens to them, and a companion who fills this role becomes invaluable, creating a regular client with a weekly timeslot, possibly. Find the ability within yourself to allow your clients to share their stories, concerns, and joys with you; the knack of drawing this out of people can be challenging to develop unless you start with an attitude that your client is the most important person at that moment. Communication skills can skyrocket a provider to success. If you’ve done everything else right to get your clients to book encounters with you, it can be damaged irreparably if you don’t follow through with good communication efforts. It would be best if you teased them through your conversations, enticing them further to book with you. Create a tasteful, sexually charged exchange of communication that provides precise details about the encounter, location, time, and what to expect. Let your client know about any ground rules, including your insistence on discretion. Your communications leading up to the encounter can set the stage for an exciting event or downplay a client’s excitement for meeting you.

A luxury is unforgettable and worth waiting for

A Top companion markets herself as the best around because she feels she is. When you tell clients something repeatedly, they will begin to believe it. By putting information in your profile or other marketing materials that indicate you are top-rated, most preferred, or simply the best, you inject mental attitudes about yourself into your clients’ brains. Encourage them to think of you as upscale by labeling yourself as “exclusive” and limiting your availability. (A luxury companion isn’t available every time a client tries to book.) Charge rates make your clients believe you are not the run-of-the-mill companion because men always want the best. Appealing to their desire for quality may earn a higher level of success if you use these tips.

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