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18 Reasons Why EROS Rejected Your Photo with Solutions - updated 2023. 

This post will be updated as I discover more tips. However, please note that none of the information provided here should be construed as a guarantee of any kind. Eros alone determines when and how their advertising rules are enforced. The photos shown below are examples of rejected photos.

1: Your face isn't clearly visible.

Your face is cut off or partially covered.
You are wearing glasses or a hat.
You have not submitted at least one unedited photo with your face visible, wearing the same outfit from the same day as in your photo.


Show your face clearly in your photos.
Submit the unblurred version of your photos through the Eros Upload Document Button if applicable.

2: You have text on your photo.

Your website or your email is on your photo.

Your name has xxx to a text that implies sex.

Your text implies you are offering sexual acts

A small photographer's logo is still allowed.


Don't put any text on your photos.

3: You have Implied Bottomless.

It looks like you are not wearing panties or anything below the waist.

You are removing or pulling on your panties.
You have a robe on that implies you are nude underneath it.


Show the side panty straps to make it clear that you are wearing them.
Wear panties and keep them on all the way.

4: Your pubic area material is sheer, semi-transparent, or with lace.

Your entire pubic area is not entirely covered, even if nothing is really showing.

Part of your pubic area is showing through your panties.


Don't wear sheer or panties with gaps.

Use solid bottoms or panties.

Don't show front shots of your sheer panties.

Position your pose and panties to cover all the pubic areas.

5: Your panties/bottom is too small.

Your entire crotch and pubic area are not covered, even if nothing shows.

Your groin is showing on the side of the panties/bottom.


Wear panties that cover the entire pubic area from groin to groin.
Pose in a matter where the side groin is completely covered.
Adjust the panties before each photo.

6: You have thin bottom Side Straps.

You are wearing a G-string.

You are wearing a micro bikini.

Your bottom straps show, and they are less than 1/2 inch in width.


Your bottom straps should be at least 1/2 inch wide. Adjust your panties and straps before each pose.
Check with an experienced photographer prior to the shoot to confirm how your bottoms will look in the photos.

7: Your butt crack area is showing.

The inner part of your crotch area is showing.

It looks like you can see up between your legs, even if it's a shadow.


Avoid crotch shots whatsoever.
Avoid upskirt or up-from-the-bottom shots.
Keep the poses elegant and classy.

8: You have a camel toe -even if it isn't an actual camel toe.

Your panties/bottom outline your mon's pubis.

The fabric looks like it could be a camel toe.

The shadow creates a camel toe illusion.


Make sure your bottom material is lying flat with not even the slightest glimpse of a camel toe.
Better yet, don't show the crotch area at all.

9: Your crotch area is the focus, even if fully covered.

Your legs are wide open and facing the camera, even if nothing is showing.

Your legs are open from the back, and your crotch can be seen even if completely covered.


Don't take any straight-on crotch shots or back shots from below where your crotch is showing. Close your legs at your knees if shooting straight on, and no low angles.

10: Your photo is of a fetish theme.

Your photos show a fetish that is sexual or could be sexual in nature.


No fetish theme photos whatsoever.
You are an elegant companion.

11: Your photo has an illegal theme.

Your photo implies an under-18 fantasy theme.

Your photo shows or implies something illegal, including drugs or any unlawful activity.

Your photo depicts an actual sexual act, actual or implied.


Keep it legal! 
Only mainstream themes. 

12: You are touching yourself.

Your hands are between your legs or too close to your crotch.

You are playing with your boobs or pulling on your nipples.

You are holding your boobs.


Keep your hands away from any part of your boob. You can have them up above, around your shoulders, or neck.

Complete topless is still totally ok, but no touching.

13: You are using a sex toy.

You have a sex toy, even if it's in the back.

You have other adult toys, such as whips and paddles.

You are holding a phallic shape item or in a sexual way.


Don't include anything in your photos that may be used as an adult toy to that may be used to simulate an adult act.  Again, keep it elegant.

14: You show pain, torture, or any form of violence theme.

Your facial expression shows pain, violence, or aggression, actual or acting.


No violence of any kind not even implied in your photos.

15: Your photo shows an S&M or humiliation act, real or fantasy.

Your photo shows or implies domination of any kind, actual or simulated.

Your photo displays humiliation or adult role-playing.


Don't offer these themes or services.

16: You have Photoshopped your photo to cover the unprovable part.

Part of your photos has been blurred or photoshopped to try to cover up anything listed above. 

Don't try to fix the photo. Eros can tell if the image has been edited.


Make sure you and your photographer know these rules and are experienced not only in capturing your best angles but also in knowing how to shoot to stay within these rules.

17: You re-submitted photos of a previously rejected outfit.

You are submitting a photo with the same outfit that was already rejected by Eros, even if it's an approved pose, and you don't see how it fits in any of the above guidelines.


Shoot with at least 3 different outfits in case one of them is not accepted and you still have more photos to submit.

18: Eros has rejected your photos many times.

The more often Eros rejects your ad because of your photos or any other issue, the harder it is to have it approved.

If you change your photos on an approved ad, Eros will look at your photos/ad more closely again to check that the photos are ok.


Follow Eros' Rules.

Post your non-Eros-approved photos on your website or other platforms.

Work only with an experienced photographer who is well-versed with the rules and can assist you in attracting high-end clients.

Want to take out the stress of wondering what to wear and if your photos will be approved?

Book your next shoot with us and maximize your time and investment. 

I'll personally review your outfit before your shoot to check if it's ok.

I will also shoot you in Luxury-Glamourous poses that will thrill your clients and be approved.

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Are Professional Photos Really Worth the Investment?

For this post, I interviewed web designer/webmaster David Allen from David has over 25 years of industry experience specializing in escort websites and adult model marketing. So, I know he talks from experience.

What's your professional recommendation when it comes to photos on any website?

Get the best photographer you can afford! From all my year's building sites, I can tell you that my job just became much easier when you have excellent photography. It's simple. The better the images are, the better your site can look. I can create the best custom state-of-the-art website in the world, but a bad photo will still look bad no matter how nice a site you have. Although an amateur might take a good snapshot, a professional has additional skills like posing, lighting, and Photoshop to ensure the perfect result. Having great images on your site can make a massive difference to your conversion rate, and ultimately the income your website will generate.

1) It shows you are serious about your business

Nothing says amateur like blurry, poorly lit, bad photos. And who wants to do business with an amateur? Pro Photos show that you are a serious business, and your customers will see the value in what you are charging for your product or service. The top charging escorts always use high-quality photography that complements their websites. Every serious escort business needs a great website, and I would argue that you can't have a great website without great photography.

2) Helps your business stand out

The online market is now highly competitive, not like when I started building websites 25 years ago. In the current digital age, you need any edge you can get. Online potential clients are bombarded with over 5,000 images every day, and the average attention span has dropped down to less than 8 seconds. That's all the time you have to make an impression, and regular photos are just not going to cut it.

Pro Photos stop people in their tracks and capture the attention of your visitors. You want your potential clients to pause and take a closer look. This is why you must choose escort photography specializing in the type of glamour photography you'll like to show on your site. If the photos make you stop and look, it will also make your clients stop and look at you.

3) Defines your Target Clients and sets the mood for them.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, and this is still true and even more crucial when it comes to an escort's site. As an escort, you are selling a fantasy to men, and a man's fantasy starts with what he first sees. Which fantasy do you want to set in your potential client's mind?

High-quality professional luxury images will evoke a feeling of your escort service being exclusive. In contrast, bad/regular photos will evoke a sense of cheap escort service to your potential clients.

The quality of the photos you use will directly reflect the quality of the service your clients will expect to receive and also the amount they are willing to invest in your escort service.

To learn more about ExoticMediaWork, please visit their site and contact David. You can say that you heard from him from Paul from SexyLuxStudio for a 10% discount.

Marilyn Monroe's Secret

If you carefully study Marilyn Monroe's facial expressions in many pictures, you would notice how kind and open she looks. If you look at her photos and ask yourself how they make you feel, you will probably find that her facial expressions evoke feelings of love and warmth. Men automatically want to hug and kiss her when they look at her pictures.

Marilyn Monroe was a master at reproducing on command what sociologists call a pre-orgasmic expression. She would elevate her eyebrows, narrow her eyes, and opened mouth as if in a breath of pleasure. Together with her body language, this facial expression sends subliminal messages that hit the sexual pleasure points in every man's brain.

Combine her orgasmic expression with an element of innocence, and you have the perfect recipe for seducing men at the sexual level and the male provider and protector level. Whether in the company of men or in front of cameras, Marilyn Monroe could turn on the seduction and charm at will.

Marilyn's irresistible facial expressions did not come automatically, though. She studied iconic Hollywood women, and then she dedicated hours practicing her body language and facial expressions in front of the mirror every day. She worked hard at making sure her facial expression would seduce any man.

Practice smiling like Marilyn Monroe. You will notice that whenever she laughed, she tended to tilt her head up a little bit so that her teeth will be seen. Her eyebrows would always be slightly raised while her eyelids would be slightly down, so her eyes are half-open.

Lowering the eyelids while simultaneously raising the eyebrows and looking up and slightly parting the lips is a combination that women have used for centuries to show sexual submissiveness.

Research has shown that this is the expression many women have before an orgasm, and men's brains pick up on this subconsciously.

This was her secret.

Please pay close attention to her facial movements. Ask yourself: "How do her eyebrows move? her lips, her eyes?"
Now you know how to look Sultry, Seductive, and Sexy in your photos, so go and practice it.

Have amazingly sexy results from your next photoshoot by just following these steps, and you will arrive at your next shoot fully prepared so that your photographer can capture mind-blowing shots of you.

Start Weeks Before Your Shoot Day.

Step 1: (select images)

Pick out and save your favorite photos you see online or from magazines that have the expression that you would like for your photos. These photos will be your inspirational images.

Step 2: (get your mirror)

Spend 5 minutes every day in front of the mirror to practice smiling, showing sexy, confident looks, and copying the facial expression you see in the magazines/online photo that you have selected. Practice with the mirror until you know what your face feels like in each expression. Then, practice so you can do it without the mirror and still nail the right expression.

Step 3: (target audience)

Don't know which expressions you should be making for your photos? Think about what your photos will be used for and who is your target audience. What is it that you want the persons who see your photos to feel and react to you instantly? Focus on just them and on sending the right facial expression to them.

Step 4: (imagine)

Imagine yourself in the situation where you would be making the expression you want to show on your face to your target audience. For example, if you have a seductive feeling, imagine that you are making eye contact with a man you would like to capture his attention and seduce.

You already know how to do this automatically when your own emotions push you. However, practicing in front of a mirror helps you learn how to bring out that same expression on command. 

Close your eyes think of this expression and see how you look in the mirror. Remember to practice this until you can do it over and over and without the mirror. 

The photographer can pose you and edit your body, but your expression is yours, and it cannot be adjusted in photoshop. Your facial expression is the most challenging part of your shoot, but you can achieve amazing results with practice. Just practicing this step will help you tremendously during the shoot. This way, you can give the camera different expressions and not have a deer-in-the-headlights look or a facial expression that does not go with your glamorous theme.

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5 things NOT to do before Your Glamour Photoshoot.

1) Go on a Crash-Diet to lose a few quick pounds to look slimmer.

I can pose you and edit your body to slim you down, but trying to lose a few quick pounds right before your shoot will only leave you feeling low energy, hungry, and with little patience.

If you are not used to posing, you will find that it takes work to hold poses, especially while trying to keep a glamorous expression.

2) Drink little water/fluids because you don't want to be bloated.

You need water to function, and you'll feel dizzy and weak if you are poorly hydrated. Plus, you can even faint and get hurt.

3) Welcome to Miami! Bienvenido a Miami... - Let's Party!

If you read points 1 and 2, you will have already figured out why you need to be well-rested and feel healthy and strong for your photoshoot.

If you are shooting outside, the Miami sun is bright, and you will have an impossible time trying to keep your eyes open in a relaxed expression.

It's the most common challenge with my outside shoots. You need to rest even more before your beach/outdoor shoot if you have sensitive eyes.

4) Apply Self-Tanning lotion because you think you need a tan.

Applying self-tanning cream/lotion will leave your skin looking unnaturally orange in digital photos, and it isn't easy to correct. Plus, your skin will look blotchy with uneven color areas. So, please don't do this. Instead, ask me for other solutions.

5) Not having a fresh shave/wax, manicure, and pedicure.

A high-resolution digital camera will show that your nails need to be filled in. Also, it will be noticeable that you have not shaved in your bikini areas, underarms, legs, arms, or any other hair areas.

Please shave/wax the day before to help prevent developing a skin rash.

Want to avoid all these amateur mistakes for your next photoshoot? You don't have to worry about anything with our All-inclusive packages because we do it all for you.

What's your Body Shape - the best Lingerie for Your Body Shape

Like no matter which size you buy or how hard you try

Something about that sexy piece just doesn't look as flattering on you as the woman on the package.

Women do not all have the same body shape.

Therefore, a lingerie outfit that looks great on a particular body shape may not look flattering on another body shape.

That's why knowing which type of lingerie to wear for your body shape can make all the difference, especially for your luxury glamour photoshoot.

Fashion experts have created 10 body shape categories to guide you when choosing the right lingerie for your body shape.

So, which body shape are you?

Use a full-length mirror and pay attention to your silhouette.

To better calculate your body shape use a measuring tape and note your key body parts below:

Shoulders -

Have someone help you measure from the tip of one shoulder all the way around your body. The measuring tape should be high up around your shoulders, so it almost slips off.

Bust -

Pull the measuring tape taut across the fullest part of your bust and around your back. Don't pull the tape so tight that your breasts start to squish.

Waist -

Measure the smallest part of your natural waist, just above the belly button.

Hips -

Start at one hip (below the hip bone) and wrap the tape measure around the biggest part of your butt.

See which body shape your measurements match best from the 10 body shapes below.

Apple Shape

Celebrities: Adele, Kate Winslet, Drew Barrymore, Melissa McCarthy

Women with apple-shaped bodies have a waistline that is your widest measurement.

Your hips and bust are not as broad in comparison to your midsection.

Bodysuit lingerie with a deep V-neck cut is for you!

A lingerie that elongates your body's line will work great on you.

If you're busty, look for options with side boning at the breasts or underwire for extra support and coverage.

Avoid any lingerie that will add volume to your midsection.

Pear ( triangle)

Celebrity: Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian

A pear-shaped body is typically characterized by a small frame on top, gorgeous curvy hips, and a full bottom.

Women with pear-shaped bodies typically don't have large breasts, though it's not impossible.

When choosing lingerie for a pear body shape, don't be afraid to draw attention to your ultra-feminine waist and narrow shoulders while letting your backside shine, too.

A strapless corset or bandeau-style bra will help balance out your top and bottom halves, making your small frame on top look a little wider.

Doing so will make you feel like your bum is more proportional. But, of course, in the age of the Kardashian body (ahem, large butts!), you are more than welcome to accentuate your lower half even more!


Celebrity: Kate Upton, Sofia Vergara, Scarlette Johansson

Many "sexy" lingerie isn't designed with the busty woman in mind.

Know your breast type — whether it's splayed, wide-set, a combination of the two, or something else.

Fashionable underwire options are available to you — as long as you know where to look.

A balconette or demi style bra for your shape; the lower-cut cups will tastefully showcase your natural curves.

As for bottoms, try ones with thicker waistbands, like high-waisted briefs or boyshorts, to help balance your larger top.

You have beautiful curves, with your bust being proportionally more prominent than your hips or waist so show them off.

Short torso (short waist)

Celebrity: Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Solange

Your waist is naturally high, and your legs extra-long.

Steer clear of high-waisted bottoms that will shorten your torso. 

Instead, craft the appearance of a more extended midsection with low-rise underwear. 

In the spirit of "sexy lingerie," try hipsters as a sassy alternative to more basic, low-rise bikinis. The added fabric they provide along your sides helps elongate your line, too.


Congratulations, you have long, gorgeous legs! A longline lace bodice will elongate your upper body.

Carrot Shape ( inverted triangle)

Celebrity: Demi Moore, Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Hurley, Renee Zellweger

Your body is wider on top and gets slimmer on the way down. 

Try switching up your standard matching bra-and-thong routine and layer on a babydoll chemise or slip that will flatter your broader-set shoulders. 

Not only are they practical intimates to pair with see-through dresses, but the addition of lace and other romantic details also makes the pieces alluring when worn alone. 

The trick is making sure that whatever intimate you choose has a flared bottom to help promote symmetry. 

You're blessed with slim legs and ankles, broad shoulders, and a waist and hips that are relatively similar in size. 

Think Old Hollywood glamor - insets at the waist and bust will emphasize your curves, and lace at the hem balances out your shoulders while showing off your legs.

Small Chest 

Celebrity: Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus

If you don't need much in the way of support on top — and sometimes just go braless altogether.

You have more flexibility than most in the underwear department.

That said, the bras you do wear may have constantly slipping straps that ail you on date night. 

Either way, recommended are T-strap and racerback bralettes; they're slightly sporty, flirty, and comfortable enough to wear all day. 

Feeling comfortable in your intimates truly does make all the difference. 

Whether you're long and slim or otherwise curvy, your bustline is petite.

Long torso ( long-waisted)

Celebrity: Kendall Jenner, Olivia Wilde

If you have a long torso and short legs, 

The lingerie style best suited to you couldn't be more on-trend:

high-waisted underwear is all for you. 

This retro silhouette is flattering on you because it'll shorten your midsection and elongate your limbs. 

Shop a few playfully printed bottoms, then pair them with a black bra on top for an effortless, put-together look. 

You have a defined waist to be envied! 

Pick a lace bralette insert or an empire waist to highlight your elegant proportions. 

Take advantage of wearing a long flowing skirt with spaghetti straps to emphasize your upper body.

Ruler ( Rectangle)

Celebrity: Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lucy Liu, Mila Kunis

As the name suggests, ruler-shaped bodies are straight throughout — without much variation between one's shoulder, waist, or hip. 

The key is finding undergarments that'll subtly enhance your curves.

Unlike traditional bras with an inch or two wide bands, longline bras and bralettes extend farther down the torso for a retro feel will help fill out your shape a bit. 

They're the crop tops of lingerie and, like high-waisted underwear, are often viewed as an intentional fashion statement. 

The good news for you: You have a fabulously long, straight line with similar measurements from shoulder to waist to hip like a supermodel. 

Choose an elongated lace bodice but make sure it features lace insets at the hips to give a little definition.

Hourglass Shape 

Celebrity: Marilyn Monroe, Salma Hayek, Brooklyn Decker

Hourglass figures are easy to identify because they're symmetrical:

Your chest and hips are equally proportioned, and your waistline is your narrowest measurement. 

Use your "classic" shape to your advantage, and add a suspender belt to your bra-and-panty set

The fancy adornment (its original, intended purpose was to keep one's stockings from slipping) will place the emphasis firmly on your narrow waist

The finished look it creates is classically sexy, like your shape. 

You have a classic pin-up girl shape with a nipped-in waist and full curves in your chest and hips.

Petit & Compact Shape 

Celebrity: Ariana Grande, Nicole Richie, 

If you're petite all over, you can get away with wearing less-supportive styles that bustier and fuller-figured women might shy away from.

Lingerie sets with soft cups, for example. While underwire offers a tremendous additional shape for you, wireless bras are by no means a deal-breaker. They might actually be your preferred style. 

So, go ahead: You have the opportunity to shop the less "functional" pieces some ladies can merely admire from afar. 

As a gymnast, petite and compact women are small and mighty in all respects. 

Look for spaghetti straps and a deep V-neck inset to elongate your neck and torso.

Need more help? Contact me directly before your shoot so that we can review each of your outfits and make your next glamour photoshoot amazing!

Use this Celebrity Secret to always look fabulous on your next photo shoot

How is it that celebrities always look fabulous in their photoshoots and music videos?

What's their secret?

All Celebrities hire a wardrobe and photoshoot Stylist to keep their eye-catching and draw attention to the song or photoshoot theme.

How does a stylist make all the difference?

In a celebrity photo shoot, the stylist selects the right clothes and accessories and transforms the photographer's vision (according to the client's needs) into reality.

If the theme is a romantic encounter in a hotel room, the stylist also can add a vase of flowers and candles to a table, arrange flutes, and a bottle of champagne to the photoshoot. 

If the client wants to be a Victoria's Secret's Angel, the stylist can arrange all the props and outfits to make this vision real. 

If it's a beach photoshoot, the stylist can add elements to the photoshoot scene, such as:

seashells, fresh coconut, beach umbrella, colorful beach towel, picnic basket, books, wine bottles, and more to give that complete feeling of a resort beach environment that the photographer wants to accomplish.

Styling is all about the right details: clothes/accessories and objects. When it comes to finding the perfect outfits for a photoshoot, in particular, you may feel extremely overwhelmed by the task-at-hand. Finding three or more complete outfits that will show off your best features and help YOU look your best behind the camera requires a lot of thought and planning behind the scenes to create a successful photo-shoot wardrobe.

To guarantee this type of success during your next photoshoot, you should definitely hire a professional stylist to take the pressure off of you and to save you time and money.

Below are six reasons why:

1. TO EXPRESS YOURSELF & YOUR IDEAL IMAGE - A stylist will help with the ideal image of yourself and the thoughts inside your mind come to life in your photos. It’s the stylist’s job to pick your brain and to help you and the photographer figure out the best outfit options for your photo-shoot and video based on location, the season, the current on-trend fashions, your personality, and the theme of the shoot. Allow them to help you communicate who you are through your clothes and accessories. Rachel Zoe says it best, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

2. SAVES YOU TIME, ENERGY & MONEY - Contrary to popular belief, a wardrobe stylist can actually save you time, energy, and money. A stylist will save you many hours spent shopping for the wrong styles, energy, and the worst enemy of all – procrastination. You will also be less likely to guess second the outfits you have planned out for your photoshoot with a professional stylist. You will be confident in the outfits your stylist helped you decide on, and you can then put that unnecessary time & energy toward something more important. And possibly one of the most important factors to notice: the cost of hiring a professional wardrobe stylist is well worth the upfront investment because she can provide you with plenty of insight on what styles best suit you. You can then apply this knowledge to your future shopping habits and even re-wear certain pieces that the fashion stylist helped style for your photo-shoot, for many years to come! It’s like the ‘gift’ that keeps on giving.

3. GET THE BEST FASHION ADVICE FROM A PROFESSIONAL WHO KNOWS WHAT SHE’S TALKING ABOUT! A professional wardrobe stylist is trained to work with all body types, personal styles, and ages. Her job is to make YOU feel comfortable and confident behind the camera and in the final images that the photographer produces. A stylish will help enhance your best assets and features in each piece of clothing you wear so that when you get behind the lens of the camera, you will look (and most importantly, FEEL) fabulous from every angle. Although some flowy dresses that you would typically wear to church or a wedding may look amazing in person, when you get behind the camera, those pieces may not look as flattering – no matter what size you are. Maybe your favorite dress is a silhouette that does not look great behind the lens. Because your stylist has many alternative ways to style that particular piece so that the final image turns out to be everything that you could have hoped for and more.

4. EXUDE KILLER CONFIDENCE THAT YOU DIDN’T EVEN KNOW YOU HAD. Once you have met with a professional stylist, you will show up to your photoshoot with the preparation and confidence you didn’t even know existed. If you look amazing and feel fabulous, that confidence will show when you step behind the camera and in your final images. Not to mention, you will have a much more fun, exciting, and all-around enjoyable experience during your photoshoot. Hiring a stylist allows you to be bold and even step outside of your comfort zone. With a stylist’s help, you can show off a different side of yourself that some people may not know, or you can take a chance on that new trend that you’ve been dying to try. Or perhaps you want to showcase your everyday style. Let a stylist help you make that outfit photo-shoot-ready!

5. HELP YOU TO BE CREATIVE TRYING SOMETHING NEW - Always think about having a photo or video shoot dressed like your favorite pop star, but you feel it is tough to find all the elements. To make your dream come true? The stylist can recreate your pop star’s style transforming your photoshoot into an extraordinary one saving you time and money. Have you thought about how it would be fun having a photo/video shoot dressed like Taylor Swift, Shakira, Rihanna, or JLo?

6. GET THE FULL PACKAGE FOR A GUARANTEED FLAWLESS FINISH - You found your professional photographer to provide you with amazing images to last a lifetime. You have a professional hair and makeup artist to get you all glammed up before the shoot. But one major piece of the puzzle is missing … your wardrobe! The outfits that you choose to wear during your photoshoot are just as important as the two previous elements, so it’s best to leave these three factors in a professional’s hands. Hiring a wardrobe stylist only makes YOUR and the photographer’s job easier. With all three pieces of this beautiful puzzle (the photographer, the HMU team, and the wardrobe stylist), your final images from your photoshoot are guaranteed to turn out even more amazing than you imagine in your head. All three elements work together simultaneously to ensure the best possible outcome from your photoshoot.