Client's Reviews

"Paul Cobo is the most talented photographer I have met in the photography profession. He is meticulous about his work and very passionate. I purchased the "Diamond Platinum Package, " and I was blown away from the quality of his work. I knew he was a great photographer when I researched him but his work on my professional site blew my mind. He is crazy talented. It is an absolute waste of money to shoot with amateur photographers. Paul Cobo has the potential to transform your business into a money-making powerhouse by marketing you as a prestigious and high-end provider. I am proud of every photo I took with him and am ecstatic to post his work. He truly is a creative genius, and we are already planning our next photo package. I loved working with him!" - Cossette - California- US
"Meeting Paul Cobo has been quite refreshing wonderful. One thing I admire among his many talents in the photography field is his dedication to creating the most perfect image for you, his down to earth demeanor and professional work ethic he will leave you satisfied in the best way possible.Fantastic respectful communication both on the job site and off. Paul has come through for me creating the images my clients crave for over and over again. They say you get what you pay for and in this case, it certainly was worth it for me, I will utilize his photograph expertise over and over again, and I highly recommend him ... "
"Friendly & very outspoken knows how to make a model feel comfortable! Gives guidance and takes amazing pictures!" Christina Nichole, Miami- Puerto Rico.
"I found out about Sexy Lux Studio (SLS) when I received their newsletter via email. First off, I was blown away by all the handy info detailed on the SLS website- for example: What to expect, where to shoot, tips, and then when I reviewed the first thought was WOW! The vibrant color and luminosity of the subjects/models is absolutely phenomenal! After talking to Paul Cobo, the photographer at SLS, I learned he use to do shooting for lots of magazines. Being that I was a magazine cover model and centerfold, my experience in working with professional magazine photographers has always been exceptionally outstanding so with all this info in mind, I chose SLS to do ALL the photos for my new website and the videos. It's been about a month since my new website launched and what an amazing difference it has created for me. I am getting twice the amount of work I was getting and I now have a professional booking agent in Los Angeles to help me with my screenings, appointments, and Tours. SLS is worth the time and investment and I am tremendously happy with the outcome. Thank you SLS - I'm glad I found you! " www.TORI Florida - California - Worldwide

"I'm Chrystiane Gaygher, Miss Multiverse Brazil 2014 and I can attest that: Paul Cobo is professional and perfect. I have shot with him a few times and I can guarantee that he's truly talented. Not also talented but a wonderful person to work with. You can see that Paul is very passionate about photography and that he genuinely cares about his clients, making sure they're happy with their shots. He also picked some great locations. I chose him to shoot my official photos for the Miss Multiverse 2014 Pageant and I have one of the best pictures in the competition. I look forward to working with Paul soon. I highly recommend him!" www.Chrystiane - New York City, NY

"Paul is by far the best photographer I have shot with! He knows the right angles for you, poses, lighting etc to get the best photos. Works with exceptional MUA's and is very personable! Truly an artist with unmatched editing skills!" Fierra T. - Dallas, Tx

"Where Do I Even Start?? Paul is an AMAZING Photographer! He is very professional and provides an ample amount of help! I just recently started my online boutique and he provided the models and the pictures! That was my first time opening up my site and the pictures look incredible! He's always taking the initiative to do things and going that extra mile to help in any way that he can! His work ethic is awesome and his work is truly one of a kind!!" Lou S. Miami, FL