Hotel Recommendations Miami Beach & Locations

Hotel Rooms locations should complement the theme of your shoot. The room's decor should look elegant and beautiful while offering enough space for me to set up my lights as well as options of different spots for your different looks. Please confirm with me before booking your hotel or location.

Riviera Suites

This beautiful boutique hotel has 3 buildings and 2 pools plus several great spots that look great in photos. There is a ground level pool and a sunroof pool. I have permission from the hotel manager to shoot in any part of the hotel including around the property. The suites are very beautiful and look very elegant.

Dream Hotel -

Beautiful Modern Hotel, but the regular rooms are too small so only book a junior suite or king suite. Great location in the middle of South Beach. Find online specials for the Jr Suites or larger rooms. Best Room for shoots: The Platinum Sun Suite King it has top private sun deck area where we can shoot outside looks as well as inside the room.

The Boulan Miami -

Glamorous High-End Big Rooms. The biggest ones in South Beach that I have found. Although they are all suites, don't book the smallest rooms to get the best space and decor. Sophisticated and beautiful. The best rooms are the Deluxe Luxury Suites. The Terrace and rooftops suites are not recommended unless you get a free update but do not accept Penthouse 2 as this room is smaller than the Deluxe Suite.

The Croydon Hotel -

This hotel has beautiful Penthouse Room with wood floors and a sun deck. The best room is the penthouse suites are big and they have a large private sun deck area. Regular rooms as too small to shoot more than 1 look.

The Metropole Hotel -

Very nice to shoot in and I like the 1 bedroom suites. I can also shoot here around the hotel location including the Patio Area and small pool. They have modern rooms but some are larger than others ones. You would have to mention at check that you are shooting with Paul Cobo and ask for the largest room possible. They know me there are will get you the biggest room possible.

Best days to shoot are Monday – Thursday. Also, avoid the crowds and the high rates by not traveling during a holiday week.

Little River Studios - location only no room

This Production Studio offers many set ups including the Cape Cod House, The North Studio, The Green House, and the Greek Set. Booking here has to be done through me since they require that the photographer be registered with them first.