Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your favorite locations to shoot in Miami?

Because of its natural beauty, its beaches, and architecture, Miami is called the Magic City. Photographers from around the world come to shoot catalogs, music videos, TV series, and movies here.

I love shooting on location and using the various fabulous Miami locations that include Ocean Drive, South Beach, Haulover Beach, Lincoln Road, and Brickell. Miami's modern boutique hotels also provide a perfect setting for an indoor glamour shoot.

How much do you charge per look?

My packages are by the photoshoot time package and not be the number of looks.

2-hour - Emerald Package

4-hour - Ruby Package

8-hour - Diamond Platinum Package

Time starts when I take the first photo of you. - Initial Hair & Make-up and Setup time do not count towards your package time.

How many looks do you shoot per package?

Usually, I shoot 1-2 looks per hour, and I focus on capturing amazing images from each particular look before moving on to another look.

How many edited photos do I get?

Each package has a set number of included edited images. See the Miami Packages Details Here.

I have never had a professional shoot or it's been a long time. Will you help me with the poses?

Absolutely, this is what being a dedicated professional photographer is all about. I take my time finding your best angles and adjusting the light so that you look as glamorous and sexy as possible. Please subscribe to Paul's Pre-PhotoShoot Blog to receive free tips on posing and everything you need to be ready for your next shoot.

What happens if I need extra time after my package time is up?

Extra time is charged at $200 per hour but does not increase the number of edited photos from your original package.

Do I get all the unedited photos?

I will send you only the good unedited photos via download link for you to save to your computer 3 business days after your shoot. These are the images that once edited will look wonderful. Please view the Miami Packages Page to have the details on your package.

How long after a shoot do I get the edited images?

Edited images included in your package are delivered via email 10-15 business days after your shoot.

I only need 30 min or just a few edited photos. Can you give me a mini session?

Even with experienced models, it takes at least 1 hour for them to fully relax and warm up into elegant, sexy poses. Although I am a fast shooter, I do take my time to properly pose and adjust the details in my clients' pose so that the final results are exquisite and glamorous. To achieve the results you see here on my site you need to plan out your shoot with the proper outfits, locations, details, and the minimum is a 2-hour shoot.

What if I need my edited photos right away?

You can upgrade to VIP Express Editing and receive the edited photos 3 business days after your shoot for an additional $125 fee.

How long does it take you to edit each photo?

After I review all the images from the shoot, I make my selections on which images would look the best when they are edited based on what my client wants to communicate with the photos. I make the selections based on the entire image being as elegant, sexy and glamorous as possible. Each photo takes from 1-2 hours to edit per photo.

Do you have any specials going on?

Please sign up for my newsletter with pre-photoshoot tips on posing, makeup, styling and everything you need to be ready for your next photo-shoot and to receive my specials.

Do I have to have professional make-up for the photo-shoot?

When you do not have professional makeup, your face will look very flat and dull. The cosmetic products my professional makeup artist use is made for the studio lights and for HD video.  My photography is about beauty and quality and using the proper makeup to complete your look is one of my key details in my photography.  Clients that value finer things in life will notice when a woman has invested in her appearance. Also, in order for me to edit your face properly, you need professional makeup.

To complete your investment in my photo shoot and receive my full quality results, yes, you do need professional makeup.

Since Professional Hair and MakeUp is one of the key details needed to achieve amazing results, each of my packages now includes Hair and Make-up.

Do you have a make-up artist you recommend? 

Absolutely, I have a team of several professional highly experienced makeup and hair artist that I have been working with for many years. All of them are excellent and always produce fantastic makeup on all types of skin tones.

I am an African-American, and I have had bad experiences with makeup artists. Does your make-up artist have experience with dark skin?

Yes! I used to shoot for Urban Magazines and the make-up artist team that I used are all highly skilled professionals.  Their work is what you see on my photos on my site.

Do you have a studio? Where do you shoot your  Glamour Shoots ?

Glamour Shoots are better in a hotel, mansion, or private location where the decor of the location will complement the theme of your shoot.  I love to shoot on location and this way I can offer a larger variety of settings for my clients.  If you are not from Miami, you can stay at one of the recommended hotels that are great for photoshoots.

Which hotels do you recommend for me to stay while in Miami?

I have a list of hotels that I highly recommend for photoshoot because they look great in photos and because I have permission from the hotel manager to shoot on the property.  Click here to see the list of recommended Miami Hotels for photoshoots.

What if I am not staying in a hotel in Miami?

Frequently I have access to beautiful locations and hold a photoshoot event.  Please subscribe to my blog to receive my and notifications, tips, and updates.

How do I send you my deposit?

Go to the Miami Packages page and select your package, and click on click here to book. You will be taken to the Paypal site where you can place your deposit payment with any major credit card or debit card. My PayPal link here.

Do I need to have a PayPal account to pay the deposit to book you?

No, you do not need to have a Paypal account.  You can use any major credit or debit card. However, if you do have an account Paypal will recognize your email and ask you to log into your account. any major credit or debit card.

What if I don't have a credit card to use?  

I can also provide you with my account number for you to make a cash deposit at any US Bank of America.

What do I need to do to book you?

After you have selected your package please Pay the deposit by clicking on the link under the package.  I will only book and reserve your shoot after I have received your deposit for the package you have selected. I can not schedule or hold any shoot slots without a deposit.

When is the balance due for the shoot?  Can I pay you when you deliver the edited photos 

The balance for your shoot is due by the end of the shoot day in cash or credit card via my PayPal account.

Can I just pay you everything in cash when we meet?

If you rather give me the deposit in person and in cash, we can meet in person before the shoot, but I still will need a deposit to be made to schedule your photoshoot.  

Can I have the photos without your logo?

My logo/watermark is very important for my glamour photography business including my photography style branding and my marketing and advertising. Many of my clients find me and hire me after repeatedly seeing my work on photos that they like. I can only provide my edited photos without my logo for a starting fee of $250.

Can I just get all the unedited photos on a USB and edit them myself?

Professional photography is a team effort and it involves planning out the shoot with my client,  the professional hair and makeup before the shoot,  and the the post production/professional editing of my images. In order to keep a consistent level of quality of my photography I can not provide you with the unedited images without first having purchased one of my packages.
After you have received the edited images included in your package you may request extra edits or if you like you may purchase the entire unedited good batch for an additional fee.

Will my photos look as good as the photos from your site even if I don't have a perfect figure?

Yes, I believe that every woman has her beauty and sexy side for me to photograph.  I have photographed hundreds of women of all ages, skin colors, and body types and my results are always  great and just like what you see here on my site.  To see examples of before and after of real women click here.