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Lingerie for your Body Type - how to balance your curves

Just as there is that particular outfit of clothing that when you put it on you feel confident, powerfully, and happy, every piece of lingerie you slip on should leave you feeling this same way plus intimately more powerfully sexy.

Not all lingeries styles look the best on all body types and knowing which type of lingerie to wear can make all the difference especially for your glamour photoshoot. Fashion experts today have created 11 categories to give you more precise advice when choosing your best lingerie.

Find the body type that is most similar to you and read below the tips for lingeries that help balance out your body shape. Know that your body shape is beautiful, and you need to focus on your best assets and highlight them while keeping in mind what works best for you. Although you can wear many different types of lingerie below are the tips on what you need to include so that your body shape is showed off in the best light. Read through the tips especially for your body type.

Apple Shape Celebrities: Jennifer Hudson, Catherine Zeta Jones

Women with apple-shaped bodies have a waistline that is your widest measurement, and your hips and bust are not as wide in comparison to your midsection. Lingerie that elongates the line of your body will work great on you — bodysuits lingerie with deep V-necks are for you. The one-piece alternative to a bra and undies will highlight your décolletage and show off some tasteful skin, too. If you’re busty, look for options with side boning at the breasts, or underwire for extra support and coverage. Avoid any lingerie that will add volume to your mid section.

Ballerina Shape Celebrities: Model Karlie Kloss, Natalie Portman in Black Swan

This is a gorgeous long, lean build. You have legs that go on for days and understated curves. You are slender with a muscular frame and can wear longline bras, high-waisted underwear, and other eclectic lingerie with ease. Knowing you have ample room to experiment, recommended is the slightly edgy, totally sexy halter-neck bra for your next romantic night in — its sporty silhouette will definitely vibe with your frame. Paired with a matching thong or brief, the combination will highlight your athletic limbs — and your style prowess. Choose a shaped bust inset and halter neck to broaden your shoulders and highlight your bust. Try out an empire waist to show off your long lines.

Busty Celebrity: Kate Upton

A lot of "sexy" lingerie isn't designed with the busty woman in mind. Know your breast type — whether it’s splayed, wide-set, a combination of the two, or something else. Fashionable underwire options are available to you — as long as you know where to look. A balconette or demi style bra for your shape; the lower-cut cups will tastefully showcase your natural curves. As for bottoms, try ones with thicker waistbands, like high-waisted briefs or boyshorts, to help balance your larger top. You have beautiful curves, with your bust being proportionally larger than your hips or waist so show them off.

Short Torso Celebrity: Solange

Your waist is naturally high and your legs extra-long. Steer clear of high-waisted bottoms that will shorten your torso; instead, craft the appearance of a longer midsection with low-rise underwear. In the spirit of "sexy lingerie," try hipsters as a sassy alternative to more basic, low-rise bikinis. The added fabric they provide along your sides with help elongate your line, too. Congratulations, you have long, gorgeous legs! A longline lace bodice will elongate your upper body.

Carrot Shape Celebrity: Angelina Jolie

Your body is wider on top and gets slimmer on the way down. Try switching up your standard matching bra-and-thong routine and layer on a babydoll chemise or slip that will flatter your broader-set shoulders. Not only are they practical intimates to pair with see-through dresses, the addition of lace and other romantic details makes the pieces alluring when worn alone. The trick is making sure that whatever intimate you choose has a flared bottom to help promote symmetry. You're blessed with slim legs and ankles, broad shoulders, and a waist and hips that are relatively similar in size. It's also sometimes referred to as an inverted triangle shape. Think Old Hollywood glamor - insets at the waist and bust will emphasize your curves, and lace at the hem balances out your shoulders while showing off your legs.

Small Chest Celebrity: Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus

If you don’t need much in the way of support on top — and sometimes just go braless altogether — you have more flexibility than most in the underwear department. That said, it's possible the bras you do wear have constantly slipping straps that ail you on date night. Either way, recommended are T-strap and racerback bralettes; they're slightly sporty, flirty, and comfortable enough to wear all day. Feeling comfortable in your intimates really does make all the difference. Whether you’re long and lanky or otherwise curvy, your bustline is petite.

Long Torso Celebrity: Kendall Jenner, Olivia Wilde

If you have a long torso and short legs, the lingerie style best suited to you couldn’t be more on-trend this season: high-waisted underwear is all for you. The retro silhouette is flattering on a number of shapes. For yours, it’ll shorten your midsection and elongate your limbs — it's a no-brainer. Shop a few playfully printed bottoms, then pair them with a black bra on top for an effortless, put-together look. All this means is that, overall, the top half of your body - from your shoulders to your waist - is longer than the bottom half. It's also sometimes called "long-waisted.”You have a defined waist to be envied! Pick a lace bralette insert or an empire waist to highlight your elegant proportions. Take advantage of being able to wear a long flowing skirt with spaghetti straps to emphasize your upper body.

Ruler Celebrity: Gwyneth Paltrow

As the name suggests, ruler-shaped bodies are straight throughout — without much variation between one’s shoulder, waist, or hip. The key is finding undergarments that'll subtly enhance your curves. Unlike traditional bras with bands that are an inch or 2 wide, longline bras and bralettes extend farther down the torso for a retro feel will help fill out your shape a bit. They're the crop tops of lingerie and, like high-waisted underwear, are often viewed as an intentional fashion statement. The good news for you: You have a fabulously long, straight line with similar measurements from shoulder to waist to hip like a supermodel. Choose an elongated lace bodice but make sure it features lace insets at the hips to give a little definition.

Hourglass Shape Celebrity: Kim Kardashian

Hourglass figures are easy to identify because they’re symmetrical: Your chest and hips are equally proportioned, and your waistline is your narrowest measurement. Use your “classic” shape to your advantage, and add a suspender belt to your bra-and-panty set. The fancy adornment (its original, intended purpose was to keep one's stockings from slipping) will place the emphasis firmly on your narrow waist. The finished look it creates is classically sexy, like your shape. You have a classic pin-up girl shape with a nipped in waist and full curves in your chest and hips.

Petit & Compact Shape Celebrity: Ariana Grande

If you’re petite all over, you can get away with wearing less-supportive styles that bustier and fuller-figured women might shy away from — lingerie sets with soft cups, for example. While underwire offers great additional shape, for you, wireless bras are by no means a deal breaker. They might actually be your preferred style. So, go ahead: You have the opportunity to shop the less "functional" pieces some ladies can merely admire from afar. Like a gymnast, petite and compact women are small and mighty in all respects. Look for spaghetti straps and a deep V-neck inset to elongate your neck and torso.

Pear Shape Celebrity: Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea

The opposite of carrot-shaped, pear-shaped bodies have narrow shoulders and broad hips. You’ll want to seek out lingeries that accentuate your delicate upper body, bringing the attention to your arms, shoulders, and clavicle. Bandeaus work wonderfully with smaller chests: One that cuts straight across your torso will create the appearance of width. A brief bottom will complement your curvier hips, but high-waisted cuts aren’t out of the question, either. You have beautiful curves, especially in your hips and derrière. 

Need more help?  Contact me directly before your shoot so that we can review each of your outfits and make your next glamour photo-shoot amazing!

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