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5 things to never do before a photo-shoot.

1) Go on a Crash-Diet to lose a few quick pounds.

Food is energy, and posing takes energy. If you are not used to posing you will notice that it does take work to hold glamorous poses especially while trying to keep pleasant facial expression. Trying to lose a few quick pounds right before your shoot will only leave you with low energy, hungry, and with a little patience. Plus, and the difference will not be noticeable. One thing that the camera does pick up is your mood. But, I know what you are thinking, if I eat, my belly will show. Know this: I will pose you in positions where your body looks the best and in combination with the lighting, I can edit your body, but I cannot edit your expression or low energy. You are perfect the way you are now! A photo-shoot is not a 10-minute weigh-in that you are in and out. This is at least a half-day event from start to finish between the hair & makeup and getting ready.

2) Stop drinking water/fluids because you don’t want to be bloated.

Unless you are a professional bodybuilding athlete and are going to be shooting for a muscle magazine, you should never try to lose water weight before a shoot. Water keeps your body functioning right and together with proper eating and rests water helps your skin and face looking fresh. If your shoot is outside or at the beach, the heat here in Miami Beach is overwhelming especially if you are not used to standing in the sun for a long time. You will feel dizzy and weak if you poorly hydrated and it will be more difficult to hold your poses and to have a pleasant expression. Plus you can even faint. I have had it happened to a girl I was shooting. She banged her head when she fainted.

3) You are in South Beach, so hit the clubs and the drinks and stay up all night. The make-up artist will not come till 6:30 am so you have plenty of time to party!

No, no, no! If you read point 1 and 2 you will have already figured it out why you need to be well rested and feeling healthy and strong for your photo-shoot. If you are shooting at the beach, you will have an impossible time trying to keep your eyes open. This is the number 1 most common challenge with my beach shoot is girls not being able to open their eyes at the beach even if it’s in the shade. If you have sensitive eyes, then you need to rest even more before your beach/outside shoot.

4) Apply a Self-Tanning lotion before your shoot because you look too pale.

Applying Self-tanning cream/lotions on your skin look terrible in digital photos. They leave an orange tone on your skin that looks un-human and it is very difficult to correct. Plus, your skin will look plastically because the self-tanning cream/lotion covers the natural skin glow. Also, self-tanning cream/lotion rubs off on your clothes, and anything you touch or lay on –it ‘s a big mess! And, your face will not match your body. It’s better to look pale and human than orange (unless you are impersonating Donald Trump). Instead, tan yourself 1 week before the shoot 3-4 times at the beach or at a tanning spa to achieve a natural tan color, but don’t overdo it and show up with red skin or face! I rather you do nothing than risk having a sunburn for your shoot. The best option if you are too pale is to have a professional spray tan, but you must follow their steps and preparations to have good results for a photo-shoot.

5) Do not shave/wax or get a fresh manicure and pedicure.

The photo-shoot is about you looking the very best and glamorous. This includes some pre-shoot preparations. Yes, have a fresh manicure and pedicure. The camera will pick up that your nails need to be filled in, and that you have not shaved in your delicate areas in several days. To look beautiful it’s all in the details from your head to your toes. When you look at a luxury product it doesn't have cheap parts. It's well made of the finest products in all details. These details on a woman include being freshly wax or shaved under your underarms, legs, and bikini area. WebMD recommends: “To avoid irritation, don't work out or wear tight clothing immediately after grooming. Skin can be extra-sensitive to bacteria, moisture, and chafing from your workout clothes.” You should shave the day before to help prevent a developing a rash.

Now that you have these 5 tips you are better prepared for your next photo-shoot.


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5 things to never do before a photo-shoot.

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