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6)Try to do your own Makeup because you don't think a pro makeup artist is worth it

This is a professional glamour photoshoot, and you should look polished and not how you typically look every day. Yes, professional makeup makes all the difference and is worth the investment. High definition photography and strobe lights will capture more of your beauty and flaws, so you need to have your makeup done professionally. Some women believe that nature makeup is the way to go since they do not want to have much makeup in their photos. To achieve the beautiful natural make-up look like the ones you see in magazines and in all professional sites, you will always need a professional makeup artist. A Pro Makeup Artist uses the right colors and a combination of make-up pigments that glow in a smooth, flattering way. There is no such thing as having a little make-up and achieving a natural look on your own. A natural makeup look involves more advanced steps which include applying the right makeup that conceals your blemishes and dark spots, contouring and sculpturing your facial features, and thinning out your face as well as warming up your skin tone in the spots needed. Then, a highlighter is added on your cheekbones which bring them out and gives a subtle glow to the face. Eyebrows are filled in and defining as well as the lips while making sure the t-zone stays matte for a glowing finish. Remember that photography is not real life. Many things are not noticeable in real life but that will be noticeable in a photograph that you can stare at forever. Go all the way with a professional Glamour look!

Achieving Professional Photos that look amazing from top to bottom is my passion, but you just can't show up unprepared to have great results. A professional photo-shoot include having the right outfits, locations, backgrounds, lighting, makeup, angles, styling, manicure, and many other details than just taking a regular snap photo. Check out my before and after of real women to see my final results.


7) Wear Jeans, tight socks, or any other tight outfits on the day of your shoot

You want your body and skin to be as flawless as possible and any type of clothing that is not loose fitting will leave Marks on your skin that can take over an hour to disappear. These marks will be fully visible in high-resolution photos, so please wear loose fitting clothes to your shoot. Yes, they can be photoshopped out, but the more your skin needs to be edited the more work it will be and the harder it will become to leave your skin looking natural.


8) Buy a bikini for your shoot that covers-up more because you are not feeling 100% confident about your body

Choose a swimsuit that lays flat on your body with No excess fabric wrinkling. The material should lay flat like a tight pair of jeans. It needs to be right for your body type. The colors and prints need to enhance your natural skin color. Go for solid colors that look sophisticated. Keep in mind that the focus is on you and not your bikini (unless this is a bikini catalog shoot). Tops need to have good support if you need a natural lift. If your body is not very toned, do not choose a string bikini because the strings and thin straps will cut into your skin. If you are planning for a sexy photo shoot for a Victoria’s Secret or Sports Illustrated style, I always recommend choosing Brazilian-Cut swimsuits. This is not the time to wear something conservative, traditional or something you would wear with your family. Choose a sexy, classy, elegant bikini. The best brands carry the best quality; they are stylish and have a cut that is modern, sexy, and not wide. No full bottom bottoms, please! This is a sexy glamour shoot and not a family shoot. You are in Miami where less is more, and if you want your butt to look bigger wear a very small cut bottom so that the curve of your bottom is easier to be captured in the photos. Remember that your photos will be edited and together with my lights and photography you will look fabulous!


9) Buy/bring the wrong lingerie to your shoot for your body type

You need to know what your body type is so that you can wear the right lingerie and outfits that will best balance your look. Not all lingeries styles look the best on all body types and knowing which type of lingerie to wear can make all the difference especially for your glamour photoshoot. Fashion experts today have created 11 categories to give you more precise advice when choosing your best lingerie. Are you and Apple, Pear, Long Torso, Hourglass, Short Torso, Ruler, Carrot, Ballerina, Busty, Small Chest, or a Petite body type woman? Read the full article on women's Body Type here to know what goes with you.


10) Ask your photographer for a Sunset Beach Shoot here in Miami

Remember that the sun rises in the East and so here in Miami Beach, we have only Sunrise beach shoots but no Sunset beach shoots. The Sun at sunset is behind the Miami downtown buildings and the lighting on the beach is very melancholy and not colorful. A Sunrise Beach shoot is fantastic because you don't have to worry about it turning dark in the next 15 minutes, but it does mean very early setups if you want to have a Sunrise Beach shoot. We would need to be at the beach ready to shoot by 5:30 am during the summer hours. The best times to shoot at the beach, in general, is early morning or late afternoon when the sunlight's angle is more flattering, and the lighting is softer. Remember you will need clear skies and low winds so please check the Miami Beach weather and with me a few days before your shoot.
What to know more about sexy facial expression for your shoot? Read my blog on how to achieve a Sexy Facial Expression here.

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