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17 Reasons Why your Photo/Ad was Rejected by Eros

Topless is not one of them.

These guidelines are what has been working for clients. As I discover new tips, I will update this post, but keep in mind that nothing posted here should be taken as legal advice or any form of guarantee.


1: You have unauthorized text on your photo or ad.

  • Your website or your email address is on your photo or video.
  • Your provider name has xxx or something that implies sex.
  • The wording in your ad implies you are selling sex or sexual acts.
  • Small Photographer's Logo is still ok. ( allowed by copyright laws).


2: You have Implied Bottomless in your photos.

  • It looks like you are not wearing anything below the waist in your photo.
  • You are not wearing any panties even if nothing is showing.
  • You are removing your panties or they are not up all the way.
  • You have a coat or robe on and it looks like you could be nude underneath it.
  • You have not make it clear that you are wearing panties or something below your waist in your photo.

3: Your panties or bottom is sheer, semi-transparent, or made of thin fabric.

  • Your pubic area is not entirely covered even if nothing is showing.
  • Your skin or pubic hairs are showing through your panties/bottoms.
  • Yes, this disqualifies almost all lingerie panties.


4: Your panties/bikini bottom is too small and or too narrow.

  • Your entire crotch and pubic area are not covered even if nothing is showing.
  • Your groin is showing on the side of the panties/bottom.


5: You have a thin Bikini/Panty Side Straps.

  • You are wearing a g-string.
  • You are wearing a thong.
  • You are wearing a string bikini.
  • Mainly only your bottom straps show and they are narrower than 1 inch.


6: Your ass crack area is showing or almost showing.

  • Your inner part of your crotch area is showing in your photo.
  • It looks like you can see in between your legs even if it's just a shadow.


7: You have a camel toe -even it isn't a real camel toe.

  • Your fabric is not flat and the shadow looks like it could be a camel toe.
  • Your panties/bottom outline your mons pubis.


8: Your Crotch area is showing with panties even if covered.

  • The main focus of your photos is your pubic area even if completely covered.
  • Your legs are wide opened and facing the camera even if nothing is showing.

  • Your legs are open from the back and your crotch area can be seen even if completely covered.


9: Your photo is of a Fetish Theme.

  • Your photos show a fetish that is sexual or could be sexual.


10: Your photo has an illegal theme.

  • Your photo shows a fantasy theme that implies you are under 18 years of age.
  • You use words that suggest you are under 18 years old or that a minor would use.
  • Your photo shows or implies something illegal, including drugs or unlawful activity.
  • Your photo depicts a sexual act real or implied.


11: You are touching yourself.

  • Your photo shows you with your hands between your legs.
  • You are playing with your boobs or pulling on your nipples.


12: You are using or showing a Sex Toy in your photo.

  • You have a sex toy in your photo even if it's in the back.
  • You have other adult toys in your photo such as whips and paddles.
  • You are holding something that is penis shape in your photo.


13: You show Pain, Torture, or any form of Violence in your photo.

  • Your facial expression shows pain, violence, or aggression, real or acting.


14: Your photo shows an S&M or humiliation act real or fantasy.

  • Your photo shows or implies violence of any kind real or simulated.
  • Your photo displays domination, humiliation, or adult role-playing.


15: You have altered/Photoshopped your photo to cover the problem area.

  • The unapproved parts of your photos have been blurred or photoshopped to try to cover them.


16: You submitted photos of a rejected outfit.

  • You are submitting a photo with the same outfit that was already rejected but Eros, even if it's an approved pose.


17: Eros has rejected your photos/ad have many times.

  • The more often Eros rejects your ad, the harder it is to have your ad/photos approved.

New Policy: must submit and unaltered/unedited photo.

New Policy: You Must submit at lease one unaltered (unedited) photo of every outfit from the photo-shoot you are submitting for your ad.
The photo must be unaltered and your face has to be clearly visible wearing the same outfit as in the outfits being submitted for the ad.
Glasses, hats, hair, or partially visible faces are not aceptable to fulfill this new requirement.
Submit the unaltered photos through the Eros Upload Document Button only.


If you change your photos on and ad that was approved Eros will now look at your photos/ad more closely.

If you are not sure that your photo or ad will not be approved don't submit it.

Schedule a new photoshoot and get new photos.



See my packages here.

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